Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Good is the FDA?

Every day we hear about yet another FDA approved drug that is killing people. What’s WRONG with them? They add millions of dollars and years of delay in distribution of live-saving drugs and STILL too many killers get through. Meanwhile they allow deadly killers to be distributed and they bear no responsibility for those unnecessary deaths. Why?

WE’RE DOING IT TO OURSELVES: Americans will not pay the high prices required to manufacture goods in this country, so we go to other countries that do not have the unnecessary charges manufacturers must pay in this country in order to make them here. Expenses such as excessive union agreements, like the $30 an hour that has been paid to auto workers to spend their days turning one screw over and over. And they wonder why communist china has “cornered” many markets.

CUT THE DEFICIT IN HALF IN HIS FIRST TERM? Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. He didn’t even come close! Instead, he TRIPLED it or more. He spent more money than there IS! What the hell is WRONG with this fool? But he doesn’t answer questions about why he hasn’t lowered the deficit as he promised. Or he lies and says he has or blames it on what he calls “a bigger recession than any of us thought.”

“IT’S NOT MY FAULT”: This is now Obama’s economy, but he will not admit it. He still blames Bush for everything, even though he has been president for almost four years. Nothing is his fault; it’s all Bush’s fault, or the fault of other presidents before Bush.

WHAT ARE HILLARY’S QUALIFICATIONS? They’re talking about appointing Hillary Clinton as head of the World Bank after the current head steps down. What makes her qualified for the post among all the other people with better qualifications? For that matter, what qualified her to be Secretary of State? Some of these Obama appointments mystify me in their stupidity.

HE’S IN FOR IT NOW: Santorum is now the front-runner in the Republican primaries. As a “come-behinder,” he has escaped much of the criticism Romney and Newt have endured. But now he is front-runner, he will soon be fielding criticism the like of which he has never seen before against him. It’s starting now with the claim he’s not the conservative he claims to be.

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