Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Votes Than Residents

It’s that way often in Nevada, and was when “Dirty Harry” Reid was elected. It always seems to benefit the Democrats in the race—or in the Republican primary, the most liberal of Republicans, Mitt Romney.

LOOKS LIKE IT’S GONNA BE ROMNEY: And that’s a shame; we need to WIN this election more than any in my memory, and Romney is the “next in line” to get the Republican nomination, as McCain was, and as Dole was. That neither were electable didn’t seem to make any difference to the GOP. The Republicans are masters at nominating losers, as they have proven in many of the last elections.

“GIVING YOU RIGHTS”: The government tells you they can “give you rights.” But when they do, they tell you how to EXERCISE those “rights.” Don’t buy their bullsh-t. It’s always bad for you and everybody else. Government doesn’t “GIVE” rights. They can only RECOGNIZE rights that are naturally ours. What they’re telling you is a LOAD!

COCKY BASTARD: AG Holder thinks people from Idaho (“or wherever you’re from”) aren’t smart enough to question him, and he said so when he plainly insulted the Member of Congress who was questioning him about his criminal lack of knowledge of what was happening in the “Fast & Furious” scandal. This is how elite liberals ALL think. “Nobody is smart enough to question them.” If they do, just insult them and they'll shut up.

CUT OFF KOMEN: I didn't know the Komen Foundation was giving a lot of money that COULD have been dedicated to curing breast cancer to Planned Parenthood, an outfit dedicated to murdering unborn infants. So I guess it’s time to take Komen off my list of foundations I would donate money to. If they’re channeling money to Planned Parenthood, they don’t deserve ANY support.

53 MILLION BABIES MURDERED! Since Roe vs. Wade was enacted, America has murdered 53 MILLION of its helpless infants before they have a chance at life. How many potential geniuses have we killed? I’m not against contraception INSTEAD of murdering LIVING fetuses. Mostly it’s done for the CONVENIENCE of careless people who won’t use rubbers or other means of contraception when having sex.

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