Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Will Have No Rights

All it takes is for a fed or even a local cop to “deem” you a terrorist for you to lose our rights and be sent to Gitmo for a term only they can decide. No court; no proof is necessary and there is no “guideline” on just what constitutes a terrorist. Nor is there a “system” you can use to prove you’re not a terrorist. You’re guilty until proven innocent. Forget the constitutional principle of “innocent until proven guilty.” They don’t care about that, and it no longer applies, according to the feds.

EASTWOOD SAYS WE “GET BACK UP”: He says it’s the beginning of the second half and we will not only get back up, you will “hear our engines.” But only if we rid ourselves of our weakest point: the fool in the White House. I think Obama put Eastwood up to this misleading Super Bowl ad, and it pains me that WE spent millions of dollars to run it.

EGYPT IS THE NEW IRAN: Egypt has been “taken over” by Islamic extremists and Obama still hasn’t realized it. He still thinks Egypt is now a “democratic” country, ignoring the fact that the “Islamic Brotherhood” won so many seats in Egypt’s government that Islamic extremists are now in control. And, like Iran, they will do all they can to “tweak our nose” every chance they get.

SANTORUM FINALLY GOT IT ON: He won in Colorado, Missouri, and Minnesota, all at the same time, thus showing the muscle nobody saw before. I like Newt, but I lost confidence in his judgment when he sat on that couch with Nancy pushing the global warming swindle. Romney is a “closeted” liberal. So maybe Santorum is the answer. I sure hope so, so we can get rid of that fool in the White House before he finishes destroying this country.

MADDOW DISSES ANTI-ABORTION PEOPLE: NBC brought her in to discuss the hooraw over Obama’s high-handed and illegal mandate for Catholic hospitals to provide birth control and, of course, she “dissed it,” saying it was “a pretty far-right perspective” and “anti-abortion politics.” On the second point she may be right. “Anti-abortion politics” may be the only thing that saves the lives of countless unborn, innocent infants from their infanticide (a/k/a: murder). Abortion is MURDER, no matter how much they may ridicule people who say otherwise. It “stills a beating heart.” Maybe somebody should have aborted Maddow. Is there still time?

EVEN CHRIS MATTHEWS: Obama’s birth control mandate is so FAR OUT THERE, even Chris Matthews, who almost had an orgasm once while listening to his hero speak, is criticizing him for it. I think it’s a big mistake on Obama’s part. It will turn ALL Catholics against him when he needs every vote he can get. One wonders at his sanity for doing this now, just before an election to decide his political fate. But I'm cheering him on to his own destruction.

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