Thursday, February 23, 2012

Solyndra Employees Get Bonuses

What? Why is Solyndra even still in business? Why aren’t the men who authorized it to run through BILLIONS in American taxpayer’s money not in prison? The American taxpayer is THIRD in line to get money back (If there is any at the end) behind the original investors (who aren’t taxpayers) and investors who came in later. What STUPIDITY is this? Obama will probably give it another half billion dollars.

TYPICAL LIBERAL CRAP: A child asked an innocent question of a playmate, who happened to be black. He innocently asked, “Are you brown because you come from Africa?” School authorities demanded his mother declare him to be a racist. What kind of FOOLS do we have running our schools if a CHILD can’t ask a PLAYMATE an innocent question without being branded a racist by his own MOTHER?

CONFISCATING THE EVIDENCE: Clifton Dwayne Brooks was about to release the evidence concerning Obama’s eligibility to be president when his house was raided and all the “evidence” seized by feds, using the excuse of a threat against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Frankly, I don’t think the feds care about a threat to “Sheriff Joe.” In fact, I think they’d like to see him gone.

DON’T ACCEPT LIBERAL PREMISES: Romney has announced his new tax plan, which includes lowering the tax base rate for everybody but “the top 2%.” That accepts the liberal premise that “the rich need to be punished for being rich.” He doesn’t realize he (and most other liberals) is among those people he thinks need to be punished for their achievement.

OBAMA: MY PRESIDENCY ISN’T OVER: He says, “I’ve got five years left.” What? Is Obama really this stupid? I knew he was stupid and cocky, but I didn’t think he could be this bad Truth be known he’ll be lucky to survive ONE more year with all the crap he’s done.

OBAMA SAYS, “ANTI-IMMIGRANT STAND”: Not! People who want people to come into this country LEGALLY (note; I said, LEGALLY) are NOT “anti-immigrant.” They are “anti ILLEGAL immigrant. How STUPID is Obama not to know the difference? And if he does, he’s LYING when he says it. What a jerk!

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