Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Obama: Champion Spender

Candidate Obama criticized Bush for his spending. According to figures released by the White House itself, Obama spent more in ONE YEAR than Bush did in his entire EIGHT YEARS in office. He’s been asked about that many times and has yet to give a satisfactory answer.

POLLS ARE BULL: I don’t believe ANY polls that come out showing Obama TIED with Romney or Gingrich unless it is put out by a GOP source. Democrat source polls have been PROVEN to be purposely skewed by polling ONLY Democrats or likely DEMOCRAT voters and asking questions guaranteed to get the answer they want. I don’t fully trust those with GOP sources, either, except when they show a result the GOP might not like. They’d hardly skew a poll in that direction.

NOT WORTH GETTING ANGRY: Romney says a national health care swindle with a mandate that you MUST buy health insurance, even if you can’t afford it “isn’t worth getting mad about.” I say it IS “worth getting mad about” and I’m MAD about it. Obama can pee up a rope if he figures on getting any money from me for his swindle What part of “can’t afford it” does he not understand? If you can’t afford it, no amount of laws made will change that.

HARRY SAYS WE’RE “EXTREMISTS”: It tells me a lot about the intelligence of “Dirty Harry” Reid (or the lack of it) when he calls Tea Party people “extremists.” It is really extreme to want the kind of government the Founders envisioned instead of the top-heavy government we now have that interferes in every facet of our lives?

IT’S RACIST! Every time I hear someone saying that I cringe. It’s the “position of choice” for liberals who have no argument with which to answer what conservatives say and want to cut off the debate without anybody noticing. Obama said electing him would forever get rid of racism in this country, but Obama himself has consistently used the racism charge to avoid answering hard questions and by doing has made race relations a lot WORSE than they were before his election.

CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK: Obama constantly demands that REPUBLICANS release their tax records while he continues to hide every single record there is about his own past. There must be something there he doesn’t want us to find out. Following his usual pattern, he (or his surrogates) will call ME a racist for using the word “black.”

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