Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Throw Them Out With The Garbage

Word is that remains of those killed in the Pennsylvania crash of a plane Muslim terrorists meant to crash into the White House were sent to the trash dump when they found they couldn’t identify any of them. This should not have been. Even is if was “routine” in such cases. Something else should have been done, if only to honor them.

OWS FOOLS WANT TO GET A “FREE RIDE”: That’s what they want: to get out of paying for their college loans, for which they PROMISED TO PAY. What makes them think they can get out of that promise any more than their parents could get out of paying for their home or car? When you “promise to pay,” you promise to pay. Not have SOMEONE ELSE pay for you while you whistle and walk away.

YOU CAN’T MAKE IT SO BY SAYING IT: Ethicists say it’s legal to KILL babies that survived an abortion attempt because they “are not persons.” What gives them the right to say that? Those infants are “persons” as soon as their bodies start working in the womb and to kill them at any point after that is MURDER.

BILL MAHER: THOSE REPUBLICANS SCARE ME”: You know what scares me? Fools like Bill Maher who act like they know everything, but in actuality know NOTHING. That’s the worst kind of FOOL. why Maher continues to have a job only tells me his bosses are as much of a fool as he is.

HOW TO LOWER OIL PRICES: Obama, stop blocking everything people do to solve the problem. He keeps on blocking oil drilling anywhere we run things. His bureaucrats refuse to allow ANY new refineries to be built while the old ones crumble. Soon we won’t have ANY refineries, but it won’t make any difference because we will have nothing to refine.

ISRAEL WON’T WARN US: They won’t tell us in advance when they attack the Iran nuclear infrastructure. And why should they? They’re a sovereign state and aren’t required to tell us ANYTHING in advance so we can warn Iran. Get used to it, Obama!

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