Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Old Constitution" Outdated?

The ultra-liberal New York Times says “The ‘old Constitution’ is outdated for not guaranteeing today’s ENTITLEMENTS. What ARROGANCE and stupidity to even THINK the Constitution should be used for institutional THEFT. NYT is “slowly fading away,” and I think they should “fade away” faster with every stupid comment like this one.

NO “LIVING DOCUMENT!” The New York Times thinks the Constitution is a “living document” that can be changed at will by politicians of the time, WRONG! The Constitution was written to be THE guidelines on ALL of our laws for an eternity. There is a specified way it can be changed if part of it DOES go “out of date,” within the document itself. Any attempt to change it without using that process is ILLEGAL, and IMMORAL, and should be prosecuted if anybody has the backbone to do so.

SO IMPORTANT: Did Rush Limbaugh actually pick his nose at the super Bowl? Who cares? Liberals care. They think anything they can use to poke fun at a famous conservative is VERY important. More important than Iran getting nukes; more important than Obama spending more money than there IS while moving us ever closer to socialism. Somebody needs to give them an “attitude adjustment.” They're ever alert to find things to discredit him, important or not.

BUT HE DOESN’T TELL IT ALL: Obama is running against the Congress, calling it a “do-nothing Congress.” But the REASON it is a “do-nothing Congress is that the Democrats in the Senate, where the Democrats still have control, will not allow ANY of the MANY House-passed provisions to be voted on. This is typical Obama. Cause a problem, then blame it on someone else. If Obama would tell the Democrat-controlled SENATE to “end the logjam,” maybe Congress could DO something.

SANTORUM NOW THE TARGET: After winning three events in one day, Santorum is now an official target for everybody: Republicans and Democrats alike. Watch for the negative ads from both sides against him to increase exponentially. They’ve left him alone up to now because they didn’t really take him seriously.

CHILD ESCAPES KIDNAPPER: Seven year-old Brittney, who was taught how to get away from somebody who was trying to kidnap her, did it the other day when she was “grabbed” in the toy department of a Wal-Mart store. He thought it would be easy to just “grab her and run” until she kicked him in the crotch and almost “unmanned” him. He screamed and let go, and she ran. So did he, but he did run funny. The cops found and arrested him soon after. Good on ya, Britney!

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