Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's Obama Promoting?

Collectivism (otherwise known as socialism, communism, Fascism, progressivism, and other names, designed to confuse you). He talks about “modest expectations” for all families that only include raising their children, educating them, and owning their own home. Any more and you run afoul of his system of PUNISHMENT for “the rich” that includes high taxation that is reserved for “the rich.” Only he can define what IS “rich” and his definition changes every time we turn around.

WHAT IS COLLECTIVISM? Collectivism, under its many names, is TAKING from those who EARN, and GIVING that taken (stolen) to those who DON’T earn for themselves. In other words, PUNISH the successful for the benefit of the UNSUCCESSFUL. Those without the ability to earn for themselves. Many of them do not have the ability to earn for themselves because they CHOSE not to LEARN how.

VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION: Obama brags again and again about violating the constitution by “bypassing Congress.” What he doesn’t tell you is if he does, he violates not only his oath of office to SUPPORT the Constitution, but the Constitution itself. Obama’s administration is NOT “superior to Congress.” Therefore, acting without Congress if they refuse to act is UNLAWFUL if we can find someone with the gonads to do something about it.

KEEPING THEIR BLINDERS ON: Liberals fail to comprehend common sense and logic if it disagrees with their preconceived notions. Many of them deny the very EXISTENCE of common sense and logic, not noticing they have to USE common sense and logic to support their claim. Saying there are no absolutes is to make a STATEMENT of an absolute.

KEEPING YOU AWAY FROM FOX: Liberals (Democrats) work very hard to keep you from listening to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the like, because there is no way they can deny the truth (with truth) of what they say. So they try to discredit them by lying about them and what they say. They tell you they lie and twist the truth, but they can’t give you examples based on true evidence.

THEY CAN’T MEASURE UP: Many states, including Colorado, can’t meet the standards required of them by the “No Child Left Behind” program. They’re very much concerned about that. So what do they do? Reduce the requirements so they CAN meet them. They do this a lot in the government.

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