Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is Iran Targeting Israel?

What a STUPID question! Israel says yes. So does Iran. Iran has been talking about “pushing Israel into the sea” for many years. Yet people still ask the QUESTION, “Is Iran targeting Israel?” Are they just stupid, or have they got their blinders securely on?

NO POWER: Obama has NO POWER to “order” the Catholic church to provide, at their expense, contraceptives and abortion, OR to ORDER insurance companies (paid for by the Church) to do so. There should be a punishment for a president issuing unconstitutional orders. There is: impeachment. But that requires somebody with “intestinal fortitude” (guts) to bring those charges, and the same on more congresspeople to make it happen.

“CHAMPION OF CHANGE”: Carolyn Buhm, Community Relations Specialist for the city of Denver, Colorado, has been named “Champion of Change” by Obama. That’s about as meaningless as was Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize for NOTHING he ever did, but for what they figure he WILL do. What a bunch of FOOLS we have in places of importance!

DEMOCRATS ARE ECSTATIC: The Republicans are ripping each other to shreds in front of the world and giving the Democrats a lot more material than they ever should have had. Meanwhile the Democrats are “sharpening their swords” for the general election, using revelations the Republicans gave them in the primaries.

TAKING IN TOO MUCH TERRITORY: In N. Carolna, a school sent a note home to a student’s other telling her she didn’t send the right stuff with her child for lunch. They told her that her lunch “didn’t meet state standards and SOLD her a tray of food (which included chicken nuggets) for which they will charge the mother $1.25, while thousands of other children eat FREE. Where the hell does the government get off telling people what to pack for their children’s lunch?

THE BANK’S FAULT? Obama is now instituting a new department at the cost of millions to “investigate” and make sure they don’t again do what caused this economic slowdown. How is that possible? They only did it on the ORDERS of the feds under pain of an expensive “investigation.” Now they get that “investigation” anyway.

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