Saturday, February 25, 2012

Michelle Is Ignorant

Did you know the president’s wife had no idea why North and South Korea were separate countries? Wouldn’t you think this is something ANY adult should know, let alone the wife of the president of the United States? This is an excellent example of the lack of knowledge in today’s adults as a result of the deficiencies in their school teaching. Even if she didn’t learn it in school, she should have learned it by watching “M*A*S*H,” as with any intelligent American.

WHY DO LIBERALS FIGHT SO HARD? Because they’re AFRAID of conservatives and conservatism. They know it can “upset their applecart” if they allow it to prevail. They “lucked out” when Republicans got Nixon elected, which gave them an opportunity to take over again after the “Reagan Revolution.” Neither Bush made much difference because both are “Progressives,” not conservatives.

VALERIE JARETT IS A FOOL: She says the elongated employment check duration is “good for the economy” because it puts more money into the economy, which shows a complete LACK of knowledge about economic matters. The only way money going into the economy makes that economy better is if that money did not have to be TAKEN from that economy in the first place. The money must be NEW money coming into that economy for there to be any long-term effect.

OBAMA HAS SOLD MORE GUNS THAN ANYBODY: Gun sales figures have been increasing apace since Obama was elected president. Those figures have been going up on many fronts, not just one, which might be susceptible to “twiddling.” But figures from Excise Taxes, concealed carry, and actual gun sales have gone up from almost 50%, UP.

KILLING IRAN’S NUKE SCIENTISTS: I don’t know if we’re responsible for the rash of killings of known Iranian nuke scientists or not, but I suspect Israel is more likely the source. I don’t think Obama has the gonads to do something like that. I think the killing of bin Laden was a setup to give him something to take about in the next election. I think bin Laden was killed by Bush forces years ago when we bombed his cave with him in it and made him a “cinder.”

AN EXERCISE IN FUTILITY: 2,500 faith leaders sign petition to Obama to “uphold religious freedom.” That’s an exercise in futility because Obama never pays any attention to such things. I’d bet he doesn’t even know they exist. Obama does what Obama does, and to hell with what anybody else thinks.

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