Saturday, February 4, 2012

Decision Stupid

Nancy Peelosi says she will stand with Obama on his decision to try and force the Catholics to act against their most deeply-held faith. She says it’s “courageous.” I think it’s STUPID and something only a dictator wannabe would try. He won’t get away with it.

HOLDER WANTS CREDIT: He says he wants “some credit” for what his Justice Department has done. But it hasn’t done anything! So he has gotten as much “credit” as he deserves. Maybe we should give him "negative credit."

HOLDER GIVES COMMITTEE MEMBER HELL: I guess the best defense is an offense. First, he insulted the committee member who was questioning him by intimating he is new and from Idaho (the backwoods), so he must be incompetent, completely ignoring his own incompetence. He should be held in contempt for that. This is how elites think about other people. If he’s allowed to get away with that, this congressional hearing is USELESS.

HOMELESSNESS DOWN ONE PERCENT: Just slightly, just in time for the election. If Obama gets re-elected, this “trend” will continue. If a Republican is elected, the numbers will go right back up. the liberals will see to it.

IT WAS NOT A GAFFE: Liberals are railing about Mitt Romney’s “gaffe” in saying, “corporations are people.” It’s NOT a gaffe. Corporations ARE people. What else could they be if you use logic. Of course I realize liberals (Democrats) don’t use logic. They don’t even know what it means when they say, “Logically, there is no logic.” Just like they say “There are no absolutes!” That’s with a statement of an absolute.

“CLOSETED” MORMON? The “slimedia” says Romney is a “closeted Mormon,” which presupposes being a Mormon should be kept secret, like being a closeted gay. As if his being a Mormon WAS a secret. I don’t recall Romney ever denying being a Mormon. Typically stupid liberal media crap.

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