Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Did Obama Have bin Laden Killed?

If, indeed, he did. So he could say he did it when election time comes. He knew America would like that and it would divert our attention from all his stupid moves and takeovers of our rights. That he spent our great-grandchildren’s money and keeps spending it. He spent another $100 billion the other day. If this man gets re-elected, I give up on American intelligence, and by that I don’t mean the spying business.

JOBS THE FIRST THING I THINK ABOUT: What a whopper of a lie that is! When he rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline, he “threw thousands of jobs out like yesterday’s socks,” just to kowtow to his environmentalist base. Now we know Obama’s priorities: When he said those words it was just empty words on a teleprompter. He meant none of it.

HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN OBAMA’S LYING? His mouth is moving and words are coming out. Or he causes something to be printed, carrying his words. Obama just doesn’t know what it IS to tell the truth. Like Bill Clinton, he would rather tell a lie than the truth, even when the truth would serve better. Only worse. When he took the oath of office he was lying.

SIXTEEN VACATIONS IN FOUR YEARS: How many of you have gone on SIXTEEN VACATIONS in four years? How many of you could AFFORD to go on sixteen vacations in four years? The Obamas can, because they have made a lot of money out of him becoming president and having written (with other writer’s help) two books about it. They also have an “open pocketbook” when it comes to security. They spend more on security than most people do on ALL their vacations. Then they talk about “understanding poverty” while CREATING it for many Americans.

“GOP MADE ME DO IT”: Obama says the Republicans made him reject the Canadian oil pipeline by insisting on a too-short timeline during which he could not do the studies necessary for it to go ahead. What a load of bullsh-t! He could have waived ANY or ALL of those “studies” if he wanted to. Problem is, he didn’t WANT to. He WANTED to keep us dependent on foreign poil and gas prices going higher and higher so he could blame the free market for all our economic problems while forcing us toward socialism.

MORE GO BANKRUPT BECAUSE OF TAXES: Obama talks about people going bankrupt because of high health care costs, but that isn’t the biggest cause of bankruptcy between the two. Taxes are. And Obama, along with other liberals, want to increase your taxes. That’s their answer to EVERYTHING. Higher taxes. If they had their way, they’d tax you at 100% of your earnings. Never mind that would mean no more earnings.

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