Saturday, February 11, 2012

Count On Obama

Bush started negotiations to open 38 million acres to oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and it was “put on hold” when Obama stopped all drilling in the gulf after the BP oil spill. Now it is being resumed and Obama is taking credit for opening up that oil drilling as if he started it. What an opportunist!

THEY’RE REALLY STUPID: I just Googled J. J. Johnson, former owner of the Sierra Times, for which I used to write. One of the articles that came up concluded ST was a “liberal screed.” How do you deal with such stupid people? Anybody who ever read ST knows it was a CONSERVATIVE screed.

HOW STUPID ARE THEY? It’s STUPID to tell your enemy you’re going to “pull out” on a date certain in the future so they can just “hide out and wait” and start killing again as soon as you leave. This is Obama’s “modus operandi” in war. This is why we’ve been losing wars steadily ever since the liberals have been running them.

THE MAJORITY RULES: Why hasn’t Senator Grassley done something about “Fast and Furious” beyond asking questions that haven’t been answered? Because his party (Republican) is in the minority and he can’t. So why is it set up that way? Why can’t a member of the minority institute an action against a member of the majority party? It has always been thus, and will probably always BE thus.

3 MILLION JOBS? Where? Obama says he’s created 3 million jobs, but he can’t tell us where they are. This guy lies and lies and doesn’t care if anybody believes him or not. He just goes on as if you do. What a FOOL we’ve got with his butt in the office chair in the “Offal Office.”

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? Why did we elect such a stooge to the White House? Why did we elect so many people like him to the Congress (Samuel Jackson says he voted for hm just because he's black)? Why didn’t we ask more questions of him when he was just a Senator running for the presidency? Why did we nod our heads and say “yes” when he made such stupid claims as to “lower the sea level?” Why do we do such things? I didn’t. I did not vote for this FOOL and I did not vote for Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter either. But they got in anyway. Why?

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