Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Let's Just Get Rid of Them"

Obama says kids can’t meet educational requirements, so let’s just get rid of them (not the kids). “President Barack Obama said Monday that students should take fewer standardized tests and school performance should be measured in other ways than just exam results [WHAT other ways? –RT]. Too much testing makes education boring for kids, he said. So what? School bored me, but I learned what I needed to learn there, while taking all the tests to find out if I learned anything.

PICKING LAWS TO ENFORCE: That’s what Obama is doing. He has told illegal aliens that if they aren’t “criminals,” he will not send them back to Mexico, or wherever they come from. I imagine voting Democrat might have an effect on which laws he chooses to enforce, too. I always thought they’d have to become citizens BEFORE being allowed to vote. But that’s not how Obama does it. If you vote Democrat, it’s okay.

OBAMA IS GOOD FOR AMERICA: Wait--what? Have I gone “round the bend?” No. Obama is good for America because he “woke us up” to what the socialists are doing to “take us over.” His actions have been so egregious even a dead man could not help but notice. People who have NEVER voted are going to vote him out in November, 2012 and maybe—just MAYBE, vote in somebody who can, and WILL turn this country around, to where it actually ABIDES BY the Constitution, and does not just “give lip service” to it. That’s a net gain we wouldn’t have gotten without Obama.

HOW BRAVE ARE THESE BASTARDS? They are afraid even, to show their faces, lest somebody kill them. (Sen.) “Turbin Durbin can have all the committee hearings he wants but, the fact remains that there is indeed a ‘Muslim problem’ and it is not a figment of the imagination of Islamophobists. It is only through willful disbelief that there are some who cannot see the efforts the radical jihadists are making in the hope of killing as many American infidels as possible. (TYSK)

MORE WARS THAN EVER: Donald “The Wig” Trump says Obama is in “more wars than ever,” but still talks about “peace” like he meant it. Yes, two of them Bush started, but it is the liberals whose policies have kept them all going when we COULD have ended them quickly and with honor. None of them are “shooting wars” now, except Obama’s. They’re just “mop up” actions after Bush won them and Obama couldn’t figure out how to finish the job.

OBAMA ARMING LIBYAN REBELS? He is “considering” it, even though it is now becoming apparent that there are al Qaida terrorists among the rebels. Which raises the question: when Khaddaffi goes, who (or what) will replace him? Will it be Islamic terrorists taking over in Libya? Will we be making things worse? If Obama has anything to do with it, Islamic terrorists WILL benefit by whatever he does.

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