Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Spending in a MONTH!

The government, under Obama, has spent more in a single MONTH in 2011 ($234 BILLION) thaN Bush spent in an entire YEAR ($165 BILLION) in 2007! And Obama is STILL criticizing Bush’s spending. I can NOT understand how he does that, except to conclude that he is financially STUPID or deranged.

“NOTHING TO DO WITH OBAMA”: All the Democrats are out there trying to convince us that the high oil prices have nothing to do with Obama’s policies. Never mind he could solve the problem with the stroke of a pen by allowing oil producers to hunt for, and drill for oil in places American controls things. There is more oil there than Saudi Arabia could find, even if we showed them how, as we did before they stole (nationalized) it.

SCARED OR COLLUDING: Obama’s reluctance to call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism tells me one of two things: either he’s frightened of them or he’s “colluding” with them. Either way, it’s bad. I’ve never SEEN a president who will not even NAME the enemy we’re fighting.

THIRTEEN TO ONE: There were THIRTEEN stories about the rising gas prices during the Bush administration to ONE now during Obama's. Does this tell you anything about the “double standard” in the news media as it has to do with George Bush or Obama? According to today’s liberal media, Obama can “do no wrong.” While Bush could “do no right.”

HILLARY LIKES AL-JAZEERA: She thinks their stories reflect more truth than do ANY American news sources, Fox or otherwise. Apparently she hasn’t seen their story about “Killing Jews.” Or the one about killing ALL “infidels.” (Infidels means anybody who doesn’t believe exactly the same way they do)

“SLOWNESS TO ACCEPT GLOBAL WARMING”: A reporter asked Ralph Nader and Jesse Jerkson what he thought about America’s “reluctance” to “accept the reality of global warming.” The only problem here is there IS no “reality of global warming.” The whole global warming thing is simply a scam to swindle billions of dollars out of millions of people.

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