Thursday, March 10, 2011

Imbeciles Get Air Time

I heard an imbecile the other day say on television that the Tea Parties are extremist, racist, and homophobic; that all conservatives fit that description. This shows the complete ignorance of this person. I’ve found when people like that want to show their ignorance it’s best to stand aside and let their lips flap.

ASSUMPTION OF GUILT: Excuse me, I thought our Constitution said the government must prove us guilty “beyond a shadow of a doubt” before we were considered guilty of a crime. Why then, is the TSA (Tough Sh-t Administration) allowed to play with our sexual organs at will, or look at naked pictures of us, as a condition for “allowing us” to get on an airplane? By so doing, they are saying that we MAY be harboring a desire to hijack that plane and kill a lot of people. All without ANY kind of proof. Where, in the Constitution, is our government ALLOWED to do that?

WHY DON’T LEFTIES GET BLAMED? The “lefties” continuously accuse the Tea Parties of violence, all without the slightest bit of proof, yet the lefties are constantly COMMITTING violence (principally union thugs sent out by Obama) on those who disagree with them. Why don’t they get blamed for that?

HOW SUCCESSFUL ARE THEY? The TSA gropes everybody in order to allow them to get on an airplane. How many terrorists have they EVER found this way? NONE. Not a SINGLE one. They say that’s an indication of success. I don’t think so. I think that’s an indication of FAILURE. The terrorists have gone elsewhere to find their victims. They've gone around them.

BERNANKE’S INCOMPETENCE: When asked by a newsman how much confidence he had in avoiding inflation, Fed Chairman Bernanke said “100%!” Talk about being in DENIAL! Prices are going up all over the world, apace. And Bernanke still thinks we have no inflation and his ability to stop it from happening is 100%! This will go down in history as “famous last words,” says Ann Coulter.

WHAT PRICES ARE UP? In the last year alone, Oil is up 21%; com is up 49%; wheat, 41%; beef, 28%; sugar, 32%; and coffee 323%. Tell me that isn’t “prima facie evidence” that inflation is raging! Meanwhile, Bernanke assures us there IS no inflation, and he will be 100% able to keep it from happening. Somebody needs to slap him in the mouth and say, “wake up!”

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