Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Freeloading Time Is Over

That’s what the governor of Wisconsin is telling the government workers who make TWICE as much as the average worker that the state can no longer afford their inflated “goodies,” and they, who have come to think of them as their “right,” are rioting. This is not unusual. It is happening all over the world where governments are telling the freeloaders the “free ride” is over.

OH YEAH! LESS VIOLENCE: As long as you don’t ask liberal union thugs to observe that. One of the union members Obama sent (CWA, Communication Workers of America) didn’t like what a pretty female blogger was saying to him, so he slugged her—twice—right in front of her camera. This is how Obama’s thugs observe the call for less violence. I guess that thug felt like a real big man for slugging a tiny, pretty, female blogger.

TEA PARTY VIOLENT? That’s what liberals (including Obama) say about the Tea Parties. But there has yet to be a provable instance of violence on the part of a Tea Party person while there HAS been on the part of Obama’s union thugs. They like to hit little girls Makes 'em feel like big men.

SOCIALISTS DON’T CARE ANY MORE: The socialists used to hide in the shadows, their dirty work to perform. That was back when this country had more intelligent people voting and didn’t vote obvious liberals into our highest office. A president who openly appoints socialists and communists to be on his staff. So now the socialists openly pull permits for a self-admitted communist for his upcoming “American Dream” meeting in Washington. I wonder if the union thug who slugs a pretty little girl at the demonstration at the Patriot Works office will be there, and if he will beat anybody up.

OBAMA’S FAVORED UNION: The Communication Workers of America (CWA) is one of the unions that got a coveted “waiver” that allowed them to ignore the new health care swindle law. Obama has been giving them out to his friends, realizing that to enforce it on them would put them out of business. Not so for people without connections among the “pull-peddlers” in Obana’s government.

SOCIAL SECURITY GOES FIRST: Predictably, Obama is threatening to "cut off" Social Security checks for people who no longer have the ability to EARN a living and will be hurt the most. He says he will do this FIRST. This is so typical of a politician when you threaten to cut his money it's to be expected. When California passed Prop 13, police, firemen, and the like were to go first, while they kept their program to find out how often bees farted.

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