Sunday, March 20, 2011

Belittling Sarah Palin

Now they’re comparing her and her popularity to that of the latest Internet “viral” sensation, 13-year-old Rebecca Black, a pretty girl who sang on the Internet and which one person said should “cut and die.” Sarah is popular because she is a MUCH better presidential candidate than either party has come up with; who says what she means and means what she says. She doesn’t lie, as does Obama and his friends.She is poised to “upset the applecart” of both Democrats and the “old guard Republicans. Which is why they ALL hate her and try their best to belittle her at every turn. She FRIGHTENS them, and with good reason.

PRIORITIES? CNN sent 50 reporters to cover the Japan earthquake and the events that followed. They sent 150 reporters to cover the royal wedding. Seems like they have their prioritiesa little skewed, doesn’t it?

IRRATIONAL HATRED: The Wisconsin governor has gotten thousands of “hate” e-mails after passing that controversial measure disallowing union collective bargaining “rights” for government workers. He was ELECTED to do that; where were those who now hate him then?

USING THE CHILDREN: In Arizona, “progressives” and other opponents of that controversial immigration bill that did nothing more than DEMAND that the feds ENFORCE existing immigration laws are now using CHILDREN, who have no idea what they’re doing, to advance their agenda. That’s WRONG!

WHAT ARE “PROGRESSIVES?” They’re LIBERALS; socialists; communists; Fascists. They’ve been pushing COLLECTIVISM since at least the twenties under one name or another. Now they’re back to “progressive” since they figure those who recognize that word for what it is are mostly now dead or senile.

“IF LEFT UNCHECKED?” Sec. of State Hillary Clinton says “If Khaddaffi is left unchecked, he will commit unspeakable atrocities.” What? “If left unchecked?” He has ALREADY committed unspeakable atrocities, DAILY. For years! What is this woman SMOKING?

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