Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libya Is Next!

When we invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam, Khaddaffy loudly got rid of his nuclear toys because he was afraid he would be next. But it will do him no good. He IS next. He’s fighting for his life against his own people, murdering them left and right, while Obama vacillates about what to do about him. When Obama really makes up his mind, he will soon be gone. And if we turn him over to his own people, he’ll soon be dead if he survives to that point.

“ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD!” This is on a sign held by a Muslim hoping to start a mosque in Katy, Texas, which is a small, rural, country town with few residents (Less than 2,000 pop.) and already has 60 mosques (SIXTY mosques in a town of 2,000! I'd bet there aren't that many Christian churches in Katy.). What do they need with another? This one is to be in a VERY “out-of-the-way location where they can do many things without observation. Is that the plan? Does this Imam want to be “unnoticed?” Is he setting up a location for promotion of Islamic terrorism? Watch them closely. Go out of the way to do so. If we “pay attention” to what they’re doing, such a backward philosophy can NEVER “dominate the world.” We’re smarter than those who have already “gone for it.”

THE ANSWER—KILL KHADAFFI: Just get RID of him—AND his sons, who are just as bad as he is.. Every time we have done something to hurt him, such as when Reagan sent in a jet to bomb his headquarters, causing “collateral damage’ but not killing him, he does something underhanded like putting a bomb on an airplane that fell in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing several hundred people. He does nothing straightforward. He kills from behind the scenes. Don’t think he won’t follow that pattern today if he is allowed to live. God knows, he’s killed enough innocent people to warrant the death penalty.

WAR IS WAR: Get to it! Obama says “no troops on the ground in Libya.” How stupid is that? Clinton did it before and what was the result? A bombed aspirin factory and one dead janitor. When you go to war you don’t tell the enemy you’re not going to go all the way. You do it. You don’t go to war not to win. His generals are saying deposing Khaddaffi is not a goal. Why the hell not? What’s the point, otherwise? If K is left in power, people are going to die. Get used to it.

THE END OF THE LIGHT BULB: I never thought I’d see such stupidity in this country; BANNING a safe light bulb in favor of an UNSAFE light bulb. The incandescent bulb has been around for many years and has worked well. Now, in response to the claims made by AlGore’s global warming swindle, Congress has BANNED the incandescent bulb in favor of that “curly” fluorescent bulb that contains dangerous mercury. Ask the government itself what to do if you break one. If you follow their advice, it will cost you about $3,000 for a “Cleanup.

“IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM, BUY ‘EM!” Khaddaffi has lots of cash; cash he has built up over the years, just in case somebody tries to get rid of him. If he can’t beat some of them, he can buy them off. Then he can hire more mercenaries and buy more arms. This money came from the oil WE helped him find, and which he nationalized (stole) after we did it.

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