Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy Man Running Libya

Just looking at Khaddafy (Quadafi, and a million other spellings) and you can see the eyes of a crazy man. When he talks, he barely moves his mouth out of that “straight line” and rarely does he make sense in his long, rambling speeches. He kills everybody who opposes him, and loves it. He will never leave under his own power. He will have to either be killed or put on a plane somewhere in chains. They will have to drag him out of his palace, kicking and screaming. Something like they probably will have to do with Obama on Jan. 20. 2013.

SCHOOL TEACHER USING CHILDREN IN WISCONSIN: A schoolteacher is bringing his students to the Wisconsin Statehouse and leading them in “chants,” against something they cannot POSSIBLY understand. That teacher should be arrested and kept in jail for a long time for using these children in this way. I’ll bet he didn’t even ask for permission from their parents to do this—or he lied to those parents when he GOT permission for a “field trip” for which he did not detail what those kids would be doing. If the parents are doing it, their children should be taken from them.

DEFLECTING ATTENTION: Obama is going to “investigate” so-called “price gouging” in gasoline sales, hoping to deflect attention from his own perfidy in causing those prices to rise because of his printing money (creating inflation) and not allowing drilling in places run by the U. S. (He SAYS he has “lifted” the moratorium on drilling, but he still is not authorizing any drilling). This is a typical Obama lie.

IGNORING PROBLEMS: Obama is more interested in putting out his “brackets,” playing golf and basketball than he is in showing leadership in world affairs. It’s like he’s AFRAID to do anything on world affairs, lest he be criticized. Only problem with that is, his very IGNORING of the problems is getting him criticism.

“RECRUITING HELP”: They say everything we do to stop the Islamic terrorists helps them recruit more fools. If that’s so, should we stop trying to put murderers in prison, for fear they’ll “get mad at us?” That kind of thinking tells me what FOOLS we have in power in Washington and elsewhere.

BUSING OUR KIDS: When it began, the government FORCED us to bus our children to school. The excuse then was integration. Now, years later, when people have forgotten the original reasoning and busing has become an accepted part of school life, they want to CHARGE US $100 a year to bus them after they’ve made it impossible for them to get to school without busing.

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