Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Buying Green"

They talk about “buying green” to “Earn” discounts on many things. Even Fox News talks about it. Nobody even thinks about the fact (FACT) that “buying green” is nothing but a sign that our government is “buying” AlGore’s global warming swindle (Sorry Al, I won’t be told what to call your swindle). When you “buy green,” you’re “tugging your forelock” to the environmental extremists who mistakenly (on purpose) think man can actually change the environment by his puny efforts. You’re “doing their bidding” to get their bribes.

“TURD SANDWICH:” Yep. That’s what Obama himself called the “situation” (war, though he won't call it that) in Libya. This is the level of discourse we can expect from this idiot we mistakenly elected president. He used this term in a private meeting, and attributed it to one of his aides, who seems to be enamored of the phrase.

BLAME IT ON THE TEA PARTIES: That’s what the Democrat Caucus “instructed” Democrat Senators and representatives to do. He also was “instructed” to use the term “extreme” to describe everything the Republicans do or say. This is how they try to discredit people who want them to stop their EXTREME spending of our money.

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS AMONG LIBYAN REBELS: Now we have a quandary. Muslim extremists have infiltrated the Libyan rebels. Do we support them now? We have unknowingly supported Islamic terrorists before. Will we do it again? When Moammar is gone, who replaces him? A Muslim terrorist government?

RAPE ACCUSER NOW A PRISONER IN LIBYA: She accused a Libyan “official” of rape and has disappeared. Libyan “officials” say she will now face charges. They’re calling her a drunk, a whore, a drug addict, etc., etc. But others with no “dog in this fight” say she is a lawyer pursuing a postgraduate degree, who do you believe? The people who have “no dog in this fight?” Or the “government officials” who are trying to cover up a rape by a government official?

AP “FACT CHECKS” OBAMA’S SPEECH: And finds it a “pack of lies.” Is anybody surprised? What surprises me is WHO “fact-checked” this speech. I refused to listen to it for two reasons: One, I hate to even hear Obama’s voice; Two, I knew what AP found wound be true: anything Obama says would be a “pack of lies.” So why waste the time to listen to them? The U. N. Ambassador himself says, in spite of Obama’s assurances, “We have not ruled out military assistance on the ground for the Libyan rebels.”

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