Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hillary Likes Al Jazeera

She says it’s the only news outlet she knows of that actually tells the news “without pundits debating or spending time on commercials.” Which just gives away her wish for a dictatorship. Where the hell does she think ALL news outlets get the money to BRING us the news? In “normal” broadcasting it’s from ADVERTISERS. From such as Al-Jazeera, it’s from the government, and reflects what the government (in this case, Islamic government) wants us to think. Without “debate,” all we get is the government’s views, and that’s what ALL liberals, Hillary included, want.

MUCH GOVERNMENT WASTE: One of the biggest contributing factors to the amazingly high rate of government spending is the stupendous amount of money that has been STOLEN by government workers. There are BILLIONS of dollars “unaccounted for” in many different agencies, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it except for those interminable “investigations” which turn up nothing.

HALFWAY IS NOT ENOUGH: Obama says he’s “willing to meet the Republicans halfway” in budget cuts. But halfway is not nearly enough, considering the massive amount of spending in which he has been engaged. It sounds like a good thing, but it is not. Halfway is just a “pimple on the butt of the total amount.”

COMPROMISE: Obama likes to talk about “compromise.” What he means by “compromise” is the Republicans compromising THEIR principles and coming over to his side. That is NOT “compromise.” Actual compromise is when BOTH sides “give a little,” and Obama is not prepared to do that.

“BRAGGING RIGHTS”: The Democrats keep accusing the Republicans of just “wanting the bragging rights” for this and that, which is a “red herring.” We don’t care about “bragging rights.” We DO care about getting rid of unnecessary spending, which the Democrats apparently don’t want to do.

“FALSE INFORMATION”: It amazes me how easy it is for our government to fool Americans by disseminating false information. Like what they’re trying to force down our gullets right now about the “jobs numbers” improving when all that is happening is that they have arbitrarily REDUCED the number of people LOOKING for work by using a false measure.

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