Friday, March 18, 2011

The "Government Effect"

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” -Milton Friedman. actually, I don’t think it would take that long. The government is very good at creating shortages of things that are available in plenty.

IGNORING DEATH THREATS: The governor of Wisconsin and others who voted in the law Democrat legislators fled the state to avoid a vote on have been receiving death threats, but you wouldn’t know it to listen to the liberal media, who have ignored them. That sounds like media malpractice to me.

“HEY, HILARY—STUFF IT!”: That’s what the young rebels in Egypt told Hilary Clinton when she went there. They did it themselves, without out help. Now we’re coming there to “offer help?” Stuff it, Hilary. I might add that people in Islamic countries aren’t much interested in dealing with a female diplomat, right or wrong.

GAS PRICES TO DERAIL OBAMA: Says News Max. I agree. But there’s going to be much more than high gasoline prices that are going to derail Obama. Everything he does causes some price to rise. Ben Bernanke keeps printing money as fast as he can, while saying he will “easily” conquer inflation, which he says no longer exists, anyway. Obama spends money like water, increasing the National Debt by $72 billion dollars in ONE DAY while allowing only a $6 billion cut (on the same day), and that grudgingly with much ballyhoo. Obama is a DISASTER! There are many things I haven’t even mentioned that are going to derail this monster

SIXTIETH GOLF GAME: The world is going to hell and Obama just finished his sixtieth golf game and prepared to go on yet another vacation. Which would be okay with me if he didn’t take time out from his vacations to institute new “rules” to further control us. I wish he’d spend ALL his time playing golf or filling in his “brackets” for the NCAA. Maybe then, we’d survive his presidency.

“COLLECTIVE SALVATION”: That’s what Rev. Wright teaches in his church. The church Obama and his family spent 20 years in, listening to his bombastic screaming about how you could not be “saved” unless everyone else in the world is “saved.” He also is a Marxist and a communist, by his own admission. And he is an anti-Semite—again by his own admission. When the pressure became too much, Obama moved to another church, run by yet another Marxist and anti-Semite, Rev. Wallace. Obama says he never heard Rev. Wright preach about “collective salvation” or Marxism, or communism. Which tells me he has about as much business going to church as does a dog, who wouldn’t understand it, anyway. Or maybe he’s lying.

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