Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gold Hits New Record

Several years ago, when Glenn Beck started talking about buying gold as a “hedge against inflation,” they said he was “a crazy man.” It was at $700 an ounce at the time, and they said it could not go much higher. Today, it is at $1,440 per ounce, and still rising. WAS he crazy? He’s as crazy about that as he is about everything else. Maybe it would pay you to listen to what he’s saying. He RESEARCHES things before he opens his mouth.

MICHAEL MOORE IS DELUDED: He says the money now owned by “the rich” (except him, of course) is a “national resource” and is not theirs. Forget they EARNED it. That they should “give it back.” To whom? Who has title to all that money if not those who EARNED it? Certainly not those whose foresight did not include readying themselves for life by going to school and learning what they needed to learn in order to succeed in life. And not those too LAZY to earn for themselves who want to loot the EARNINGS of others.

WILL SHEEN EVER WORK AGAIN? That’s the question being asked now. Many people think he won’t. I think he will, knowing the mindset in Hollywood. The crazier the better. You could not PAY for the publicity Charlie has gotten lately, and publicity is MONEY in Hollywood. It will continue as Charlie sues the show and the press hovers over every word that comes out of his mouth, no matter how ignorant and self-deluded.

TOO MANY WHITES IN THE MILITARY: So what? Apparently the people able to do the job best ARE white. So why should we promote blacks, Hispanics, and others, just to make sure the “percentages” look good? I believe we should promote people who can DO the job best, WHATEVER color or nationality they are. This is not racism, it’s common sense, If that means one or the other dominate, too bad.

WHY DON’T THEY JUST “DEEM” IT PASSED? In Wisconsin they were having trouble passing a spending bill because the Democrat lawmakers fled the state to prevent a vote. Now they’ve had to remove the “spending” part from the bill and passed it without the Democrats. Why didn’t they do like Obama threatened to do with his health care swindle bill and “deem it” passed?

WHEN IS THE LAST TIME THE TEA PARTY RIOTED? It is the LIBERALS rioting in Wisconsin and creating millions of dollars in damage to the Wisconsin statehouse because they can’t get their way. When is the last time the Tea Partiers did such a thing? Oh; I know, never. What if they did? The liberals would go BANANAS! But not when THEIR people do it.

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