Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's all About Obama

In picking his “brackets,” Obama says the Kansas Jayhawks don’t like losing when a president picks them, and that they “won for me” last year. Won for HIM? They won for THEMSELVES! They don’t care if he picks them, if they lose, they don’t like it, period! I don’t care which team he picks; but I don’t care what he says about ANYTHING because it’s likely to be a lie and/or self-serving.

HALF FISCAL YEAR WITHOUT BUDGET: This is what we get with Obama in control. Complete irresponsibility instead of governing. Spending out of control and NO new budget for six months of his third year in office. What the hell have we done to ourselves? What have we elected to our highest office? A playboy who is more interested in golf, basketball and “filling in his brackets” than in governing? Someone who wants to “have been” president witho0ut having to do the work of BEING president?

72 BILLION DEBT IN ONE DAY! The National Debt jumped $72 BILLION dollars in ONE DAY! Yet Republicans settled for reducing the debt by $6 billion! When are we going to elect somebody who can, and WILL do something about Obama’s “spendthrift” ways?

“WAYS AROUND CONSTITUTION”: ”WASHINGTON -- Faced with a Congress hostile to even slight restrictions of Second Amendment rights, the Obama administration is exploring potential changes to gun laws that can be secured strictly through executive action, administration officials say.” This is a direct quote from the Huffington Post, hardly a “conservative bastion.” I print it here because I went to the page where the story about this was, and there seems to be a problem loading it. Is it a “technical problem?” Or is Obama ordering them to remove it?

DE-FUNDING NPR: The liberals intimate de-funding NPR is tantamount to shutting it down. It is not. NPR is funded only a small bit by public (taxpayer) funding and it could replace those funds without much of a problem. I’m not against NPR. I AM against ME funding a “liberal mouthpiece.” There may have ONCE been (doubtful) a need for NPR when there were only three networks (who all were liberal). Today, there are hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS, on the air and on cable. NPR is no longer needed, even if you believe there IS a “conservative conspiracy” to limit your knowledge (actually, that is a LIBERAL conspiracy).

PATRIOT RAIDED BY OBAMA GOVERNMENT: It must be against the law to be against Obama’s policies. A patriot was raided by SWAT recently. They refused to produce a search warrant. they said there was one but they didn't have it with them. There were 20 ninja-style dressed cops with automatic weapons and held their guns to his head, bemoaning the fact that “there would be no action here today.” They were expecting a gun battle and were very disappointed that they would not get to kill a patriotic American citizen. Nothing was found (except a legal shotgun) and no charges were filed after they spent 20 hours searching his home while he stood by in handcuffs.

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