Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Enforcing Islamic Law in the U. S.

A Florida judge has allowed the parties to a dispute to use Islamic law to settle that dispute. This should be an impeachment offense for that judge. Last I heard, judges could only use US law to settle disputes in America. They're "slipping in" behind us, people. Be aware.

“NO GROUND TROOPS, PERIOD!” I don’t believe I’ve heard a more stupid remark come out of a president’s mouth. What that does is tell Khaddafy he will be free to kill as many people as he wishes, as long as he doesn’t try it from the air. Libyan rebels are BEGGING for ground troops, saying they are being MURDERED on the ground by Khaddafi’s forces. But Obama doesn’t hear it. Like he doesn’t hear our cries that we don’t want his health care swindle law.

“KHADDAFI HAS LOST HIS LEGITIMACY:” That’s what the news media says. But I say, Khaddafi never HAD any legitimacy in the minds of anybody with the smallest bit of intelligence. He is, and has been a thug, who killed his way into power, murdered to retain it, and is still killing innocent people to stay in power. The only thing legitimate about him will be when we see his dead body strung up somewhere, a la Mussolini.

MIDEAST BURNING UP: People are rioting in the street in many Islamic nations in the Middle East, but our media will not acknowledge it. They report this unrest and violence, but as separate incidents without making any possible connection to the Islamic peoples wishing to be free and willing to die to attain that freedom. I’m waiting until they can no longer ignore it and MUST report it, and how they’re going to “Spin” it.

AIR WAR HAVING AN EFFECT: Obama won’t say the goal of the war in Libya is the removal of Khaddaffi, but bombing his installations IS having its effect. It’s making it harder for him to “roll over” the rebels on the ground, even though he is still able to do it somewhat. Nevertheless the rebels ARE making gains as K’s Air Force is being decimated. It could be done even faster if Obama would just allow ground troops to be put in there, but he won’t. So the death toll will be a lot higher before the rebels win.

CONSTITUTION NOT WORTH MUCH: Except as an “anchor” people can “give lip service to” adherence to while blindly ignoring it in their actions. If I had a nickel for the number of violations of the Constitution there have been since it was signed, I would be a rich man. And there’s no punishment for willfully violating the Constitution. IF you can get a judge who doesn’t have his own ax to grind and he/she declares something unconstitutional on the basis of what’s IN the Constitution, there’s no punishment for the politician or politicians who did it. There ought to be.

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