Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It Causes Gas Prices to Rise

Earthquakes in Japan cause gas prices to go up; nuclear plant explosions cause it; U. S. regulations stopping us from searching for, or drilling for oil does; unrest in Libya causes it; civil war (fill in the blank for what country) causes gas prices to rise; OPEC fiddling with it by reducing production causes it; a bee farts in Alaska causes gas prices to rise. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about the causes of gas prices rising because it seems like everything that happens in the world causes it EXCEPT for what REALLY does; inflation, caused by our government printing money with nothing behind it.

WHY THERE? Anti-nuclear power forces are going to be talking a lot in the near future about the “near-meltdown of nuclear reactors in Japan, as if nuclear power itself is too dangerous to use. We don't ban cars because people use them to kill people. We don't ban highways because people die on them. But the main problem here, as I see it, is WHERE these reactors have been built, and the WAY they’ve been built. The science DOES exist to build them in such a way to withstand these earthquakes, which are COMMON in Japan. Why did they build them THERE, and without adequate safeguards? That shows incompetence on the part of the people who built them. Why do people like me have to point this out to them?

IT’S A BAND-AID: Raising the debt ceiling without doing something about the causes of the extremely high budget is like a doctor giving you an aspirin for the headache and ignoring the CAUSE of the headache, which may be cancer. The Democrats want to raise it without doing ANYTHING about the REASONS for the necessity of raising it, as they have done all along. The Republicans are insisting on doing something about the CAUSE while yet again raising the limit and are being roundly criticized by the Democrats, who caused the problem in the first place.

MY MILITIA: Some people (liberals) try to connect me to all kinds of things that aren’t too “savory;” like a militia such as the one in Alaska that wants to kill two state troopers if their leader gets arrested. The one that plans to cut power to certain “target houses,” then kill people as they come out to investigate the power loss, followed by the killing of everybody in the house. Liberals CLAIM a “connection” between their insane organization and Sarah Palin because she once made a speech to one of their organizations without knowing what they stood for. My Militia doesn’t exist. I have no interest in such things. What I do is “pull back the veil” of secrecy and tell people what the administration doesn’t want them to know. The liberals HATE that.

THEY HAVE NO IDEA: Poll shows that most Americans have NO IDEA of the reasons behind our massive deficits. That’s because they don’t pay attention to politics until just before an election when the lies are flying. If people would wake up, guys like Obama could not “have his way” with us.

IS THE “AMERICAN DREAM” DEAD? Suze Orman wrote a book by that name, and she’s right to ask as long as we have that idiot in the White House. Everything he does, it seems, is DESIGNED to make this economy worse so he can impose SOCIALIST measures on us while falsely blaming the free market and what they call capitalism for every problem HE created. Until we get rid of dedicated socialist Obama and all he has done, it well MAY be.

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