Thursday, March 3, 2011

The "American Dream"

Van Jones, self-described communist, wants people to come to meetings all over the united states to promote his “American Dream,” which includes putting America under that stupid “Sharia Law,” and eliminating our constitution, which has kept us “somewhat” free for a long time, while liberals just gave “lip service” to it. Imposing Sharia Law on us is the heights of stupidity, and if it happens, it will show the MASS stupidity in Washington, DC.

WHAT IS SHARIA LAW? Slavery. Pure and simple. It controls EVERY action you take, every day; it dictates what religion you will follow, and mandates you pray FIVE times a day (pray for what?). It mandates that men will have complete dominion over women. Dictating what they will wear, and how they will wear it. It makes them “chattel slaves” of their men and they aren’t even allowed to appear on the streets without being accompanied by a male relative. A man can get a "temporary marriage" any time he wants, have sex, then "divorce" the woman by simply saying "I divorce thee" three times. What the hell do we want with it? Our system of laws is working fine.

BECK OR RUSH? WHO'S BETTER? I think Beck is better because he goes deeper into what is happening and not only tells you what is happening, but who is behind it, and how their organization is structured. Liberals hate him with a passion because he uses videos of their own words to show what they are. Rush is good, but he doesn’t go that deep into things. I predict that Beck will overtake Rush in the coming years if the liberals don’t kill him (either one of them).

SHARIA LAW—HERE? Thanks—I needed a good laugh. And the thought that Americans, who are, after all, somewhat intelligent, would approve such a thing IS laughable. It would be even more so if there were not the SLIGHT chance that this insane Muslim cleric might get enough support to make it happen with the wimps we now have in Washington.

ANOTHER “DOG AND PONY SHOW”: Obama is holding yet another “meeting” in Washington to discuss the economy. And here’s the kicker: VP Joe Biteme is chairing it. How it can actually DO anything good is very questionable with such an idiot in charge. But that’s probably the reason why he IS running things. Obama has to figure out SOMETHING to do with him.

WHAT IS “HUMMUS?” At least one fast food outlet in Denver is pushing something called “Hummus,”: which is an Arabian dish that has—wait for it—a name that is spelled 14 different ways—as is everything in the Arab world, I guess. Frankly, I wouldn’t eat it. Not because it’s Arabian, but simply because introducing it here is yet another factor in the “Arabianization” of America. We don’t need it. If they can’t beat us militarily, they will try to “slip in” unnoticed in many ways. Hummus is one of those ways. (Wikipedia)

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