Thursday, March 24, 2011

Terrorists Getting Miranda Rights?

What a laugh! Thanks; I needed that. Terrorists, first of all, are NOT American citizens to whom those ARE rights. Therefore, they do NOT have “Miranda rights.” They are NOT “criminals,” they are foreign attackers. They do NOT have “Miranda rights” as such. To recite them to terrorists in the field will get you KILLED. Anybody who says otherwise is STUPID. If they are in a position of power they should be removed. IMMEDIATELY.

SEIU EXTORTING COMPANIES: They are putting fake ROACHES into the food produced by certain companies, including Sedexo USA, claiming they wouldn’t be there if those companies were unionized. How underhanded is THIS? SEIU should be disbanded and never allowed to EVER become a union again. Kudos to Sedexo USA for having the guts to tell them to "go to hell."

WAR BY COMMITTEE? How stupid is that? Obama is an imbecile! He ceded control of the “war in Libya” to France, which has announced it will be run by a “political steering committee.” This without “getting rid of Khaddaffi” as a goal! I’ve seen some stupid things come out of Washington, especially since Obama became president, but this tops it all! We need to get rid of this imbecile before he gives this entire country away to the Islamic terrorists.

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT OWES TAXES: One-term Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill has ADMITTED to owing almost $300,000.oo in back taxes. That’s a whole lot! Does she think she’s exempt from paying her taxes because she’s a U. S. Senator? Put her on the list. It’s a long one. I'll be waiting to see if she gets any punishment.

BULLY SAYS HE IS VICTIM: The bully who hit the bigger kid and got himself “body-slammed” is now claiming the bigger kid was bullying HIM. But the video (which was being taken by HIS friend) doesn’t back him up. All it shows is him walking up to the bigger kid and hitting him. I think he is lying to cover up his own bullying. I might also add that his words were not intelligible on the tape he gave to the news media.

OBAMA’S MENTAL BREAKDOWN? That’s what Mike Gallagher calls it. Obama just reinforced his “moratorium” on drilling here in the United States, then went to Brazil and told them “We want to help you drill, then buy the oil from you.” Why the hell don’t we drill HERE? Forget the Snail Darter and take care of human beings! I agree. Obama is “cracking up.” He’s losing his mind.

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