Saturday, April 2, 2011

We're Extremists!

That’s what the Democrats are telling their people to call us at every turn. They hope if they hear it often enough, we’ll come to believe it. Charlie Schumer let the cat out of the bag in a phone call he thought included only Democrat operatives, but actually included newspeople, and it was taped. I’ve heard the tape, where he candidly admitted he’d been TOLD by the Democrat Caucus to blame everything on the Republicans, and call everything we do “extremist. Usually what comes out of the mouth of a Democrat is a lie. But in this case, I believe him because he thought he was talking only to fellow Democrats.

THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: Some say that MONEY is the “root of all evil.” It’s not. The LOVE of money IS the “root of all evil.” This is the way liberals “take us in. they make erroneous pronouncements without any kind of proof, and we’re expected to believe it.

PRO CHOICE IS OUR HOLOCAUST: No, we didn’t murder millions of people in our holocaust, it was BILLIONS of babies. Babies who had no way to defend themselves against parents who would rather KILL the result of unprotected sex than wear a rubber.

SOME LIBYAN REBELS ARE TERRORISTS: After all we’ve done to help them in their rebellion, now we find out that al Qaida terrorists are among the rebels. Are these idiots EVERYWHERE? Seems like there is no war, of any kind, that they don’t take a hand in, and when it’s all over, they’re usually in charge. Not by force of arms, but by being better con men.

DOES AMERICA HATE ISLAMICS? Islamic terrorists want people to think we are. Why then, have we fought FOR and DEFENDED Islamics in wars (whatever the politicians choose to call them) all over the globe? It’s just a scam, designed to use religion to “throw us off” and make us stop watching Islamics closely, since it’s mostly Islamics who are killing us all over the world. One of the most phony words I’ve ever heard is “Islamaphobic.” People aren’t suspicious of Islamics for no good reason. They have a GOOD reason: Islamic terrorists are killing us for not believing the same way they do.

“CHARITABLE” POLITICAL ACTION: George Soros has several group0s that are 501 (c) 3 CHARITIES. It is AGAINST THE LAW for such organizations to involve themselves in political action, which ALL of Soros’ groups do on a regular basis. How is it he is not in prison? Or at least shut down?

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