Sunday, March 27, 2011

They Didn't Earn It!

Liberals generally say the money is theirs, and they need to “take it back” from those who EARNED it and redistribute it to those who didn't. But the fallacy in their thinking is that they DIDN’T earn it. The people who HAVE it earned it. It is in NO WAY theirs to redistribute, and they have no right to a single penny of it. They’re just jealous that people other than them have the intelligence, fortitude, and stick-to-itiveness to earn it, and they want a share of it without the bother of having to work for it.

“COALITION OF THE SCREWED:” That’s what Rush Limbaugh calls those who are always cited as being the biggest victims of ANYTHING liberals consider “budget cuts.” A judge has even said that it is a failure of GOVERNMENT to make sure people have a “level playing field” that is responsible. At what point does a person’s place in life become THEIR responsibility, not that of the government?

SPREADING LIES: Nina Eastwood, of Fox News, of all people, said just now, that Obama’s birth certificate has been “all over the Internet, and everybody’s seen it.” What a LOAD that is! It has NOT been “all over the Internet” and NO ONE has seen it. What they have seen is that phony “certificate of live birth” he put out there to fool us, which is NOT a birth certificate. Even the governor of Hawaii can’t find the real one. Gimme a break!

86 PEOPLE TO CRUSH GLENN BECK: Media Matters has “only” 86 people on staff whose only job is to find ways to stop and discredit Glenn Beck (Which they can't seem to do). Why? Maybe it's because Glenn is getting too close to the truth and George Soros doesn’t like that. You can always tell who is hurting people like George Soros by how hard they work to discredit them. This is very instructive. I wonder how many people Soros has on staff to destroy Sarah Palin.

HE WON’T EVEN USE THE WORD: Obama apparently thinks as long as he refuses to say the word (shudder) “war,” there won’t be one. What’s WRONG with this jerk? We’re IN three wars and people are DYING. But he will not call them wars because wars require Congress’s approval and he doesn’t want to bother with that.

NOT A WORD: The liberal news media complains regularly about Israel’s RETALIATION against “those innocent Palestinians,” but utter nary a word about the Palestinians' indiscriminate shelling of Israel. They even complain to the UN about it, again not mentioning the provocation from the Palestinians. Looks like a “stacked deck” to me.

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