Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That's Not Free Speech!

The actions of that “psuedo-church” in picketing the funerals of soldiers killed while defending their RIGHT to do so are not only stupid, they’re NOT “free speech.” They’re harassment; simple harassment of people who fought and died for these stupid people. They’re doing this for no other reason than to make people mad, and I personally think their actions, and their purpose is an EXCEPTION to the “free speech” rule. They should be "slapped down."

DEAD MAN TALKING: I don’t usually comment on such unimportant things as Charlie Sheen’s daily rants and raves on every television show he can get himself on. But I see a man who is DEEP in “denial” about his addictions, who (still) has enough money left to be taken seriously by the idiots in the liberal media. But if he doesn’t get some REAL help soon, he’ll be just as dead as Michael Jackson.

NOT STANDING ON THE SIDELINES: Obama accuses us of “standing on the sidelines, just getting in the way” while he DOES something about the economy. So why doesn’t he DO something besides making it worse with every action he takes? His people CREATED it in the first place with the Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976, that FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not repay it, a “recipe for disaster” they could blame on the Republicans.

“EVERYBODY WINS!” The liberals say we have to find a way that EVERYBODY can win in order to be successful. What a load of stinky brown stuff THAT is! All we need to do is give everybody the OPPORTUNITY to win, not make sure they do. Actually, they should do that for THEMSELVES.

“MANAGING” THE NEWS: 60% of Americans want Obama’s health care swindle law repealed, but you’ll never see that in the liberal media. They tend to ignore stories that make them out to be liars. You have to go to other sources, such as Fox, The Blaze, World Net Daily, and the like. You know, the places the liberals hate with a passion. Their very hatred should tell you something.

LIBERALS HATE PALIN: That tells me a lot about her, even if I didn’t know it by just listening to what she says and watching what she does. If liberals hate her, there’s a good reason. They’re frightened of her because they know she can “upset their applecart.” Many Republicans hate her for the same reasons. I think that’s a GOOD thing.

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