Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Tea Party Will Be Short-Lived"

So sayeth Senate Majority Leader (for a while yet) Harry Reid. Talk about being “out of it!” This guy wouldn’t feel the burn if someone gave him a hotfoot. He’s got his blinders on so tight, he can’t even see the blinders! He HOPES the “Tea Party” will be short-lived, is what he’s really saying. But it’s not gonna happen. The Tea Parties represent the POPULAR uprising of millions of people who are disgusted with the Democrats’ ignorance about what they SHOULD be doing and what they ARE doing to all of us.

NOT REALLY TOO SMART: Even a VERY gentle giant has a breaking point, and one kid reached his recently when he was “picked on” by a much smaller guy because he wouldn’t fight back. It’s not too smart to pick on someone bigger than you, and this situation proved it. The bigger guy, pushed to his limit, picked up the smaller bully and SLAMMED him down on the pavement. The last I saw of the bully he was painfully slinking off. I’ll bet one thing: THIS bully won’t be bullying guys bigger than him in the future, unless he is VERY stupid. Maybe he is.

NEW YORK TIMES TO CHARGE FOR INTERNET: How DUMB is that? I wouldn’t go to the NYT web site for ANYTHING because I don’t believe anything they write, let alone PAY for the privilege of being lied to. Hey, NYT! Take your “paid Internet” and stuff it! You’ll never see ME paying for your crap.

DUNCAN SAYS TEACHERS UNDERPAID: I hear that a lot, said about many people making $100,000.00 or more a year. Who do these people think they’re fooling? Arne Duncan, Sec. Of Education says teachers are underpaid. I bet he thinks HE is underpaid too, though I don’t know what he makes (I’d bet over $200,000 a year).

SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA: Not in a million years! Americans are too smart to allow such an idiotic law system to operate in the United States. Some Muslim groups might submit to it, but Muslims aren’t too smart or they wouldn’t be Muslims. Even if someone actually got Sharia Law started somewhere in this country, Americans would REBEL against it immediately.

LIBYA DECLARES CEASE FIRE: This after Obama “got tough” with him. But did he? He’s still killing people who oppose him, and it doesn’t look like he will stop soon unless someone stops him, usually by killing him. Maybe his “announced” cease-fire is just a ploy to fool the rebels into “standing down” long enough for him to slip up on them. Knowing him, I wouldn’t be surprised. He DID lie to us when he beseeched us to release the Lockerbie murderer by telling us he only had a month or so to live, when he knew the guy was going to live a long time in the luxury provided by Libya as a reward for his Libyan-ordered murders.

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