Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obama Is Lawless

He ignores court decisions he doesn’t like, like the one declaring his oil drilling blockade unconstitutional and the one (three, actually) saying his health care swindle law is unconstitutional. Then he announces he will no longer enforce the “Defense of Marriage” law because HE figures it’s unconstitutional. I thought that was the COURT’S job, not his. As days go on, I expect him to ignore court judgments and enforce, or not enforce laws as he sees fit—and nobody will do anything about it.

PROTESTS WHILE GLENN BROADCASTS: Protestors picketed outside of Fox News the other day while Glenn Beck broadcast his television show. He must be doing something RIGHT. Nobody has yet picketed Rush Limbaugh. I don’t agree with all Rush’s opinions, but I have yet to catch him in a lie. But Glenn goes a lot deeper into things than Rush does, and so he scares the left a lot more—which they prove by picketing him. Rush tells us what’s happening, but Glenn tells us WHY it’s happening and just who is behind it. That frightens them. Hence, the pickets.

KHADDAFFY NEEDS TO GO—NOW: However it is done. He needs to be “taken down,” if that requires KILLING him, outright. He is nothing but a thug who “took over” his government 40 years ago and has been raping, murdering, and robbing his people ever since. Recent events have caused a drastic INCREASE in the killings he has sponsored. He ORDERED terrorists to blow up an airplane over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed hundreds, then conned our president into releasing the perpetrator because he was “terminally ill and wouldn’t live much longer. It was a lie. That terrorist still alive and is “living it up” in Libya. It looks like he will live a long time in Moammar’s “paradise.”

MAJORITY ABORTED: In New York City, black women ABORT their children at the rate of 59%. And if you figure most black people vote Democrat, they’re aborting themselves out of business. Abortion is this country’s “holocaust” and has killed a LOT more people (all defenseless babies still in the womb—mostly—some are murdered after they leave the womb if they survive the abortion) than the original “holocaust.” But as in Germany while the original holocaust was going on, nobody seems to notice except a few of us, who are ostracized for our beliefs against murdering children rather than use a rubber when having sex. Of course, they'll call me a racist for pointing this out. But that's how they operate; don't "answer the charges," just call the charger names. But I care not what they think or what they call me.

DEFENDING AGAINST OUR OWN PRESIDENT: It’s a bad thing when we have to defend ourselves against our own president and his government. People who voted him in are becoming disenchanted with him and he is calling them “stupid” while doing just the opposite of what they wish. Meanwhile he’s using the IRS to harass and destroy those who disagree with him. Others, he just sends in his “jack-booted thugs” (from the unions) to deal with.

“MIDEAST UNREST”: They make a big thing about Libya and Egypt, and other Mideast countries that are in an upheaval today being “the major producers of oil in the world,” and what will happen if more America-haters eventually take over there. They forget that WE found the oil there and showed them how to extract it, then they STOLE it (nationalized it) and sold it to us at inflated prices. They also forget that our own government DENIES us the right to search for, and drill for, oil anywhere America runs things.

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