Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jindal Told to "Shut Up!"

President Obama has issued a “gag order” to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, telling him not to say ANYTHING that will paint Obama in a “negative light.” Does Obama really think he has the kind of power that allows him to tell a sitting GOVERNOR what he can, or cannot say? It’ll be interesting to see Jindal’s reaction to this raw abuse of power. It’ll also be interesting to see if the liberal media covers it. (Reported on Fox News, not the liberal news media)

SHARPTON WANTS FCC TO SHUT RUSH UP: He thinks what Rush and Hannity say is “divisive” and can cause mayhem. What about what HE says, which HAS “created mayhem and MURDER,” while being proven to be a LIE? Be careful what you wish for, Al. Remember, there is a “conservative uprising” taking place right now. By the time the FCC gets around to this usurpation of the First Amendment it may be being run by conservatives, for a change.

FREUDIAN SLIP: They’re talking about Obama’s “Freudian slip” the other day as if he “slipped” and told a lie. A “Freudian slip” is when a liar slips and tells the TRUTH, as Obama did the other day, revealing the fact that he IS, and has ALWAYS been, a Marxist and a socialist, and is working night and day to make this into a socialist country like the old Soviet Union. If anybody disagrees with me on this, please let me know—if you have the guts. Bring PROOF, not name-calling.

SEND HIM BACK TO SOMOLIA: Feds arrested a Somalia-born, naturalized American teenager who wanted to blow a bunch of people up at a large gathering. But the explosives he used were phony, given to him by federal agents who posed as explosives salesmen. Somebody “ratted him out,” which means he talked too much, to too many people. They’re now trying to figure out what to do with him. I say remove his citizenship and send him back to Somalia if he doesn’t like his “adopted country.”

ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW? That was the line that put Ronald Reagan “over the top” in his run against Gerald ford for president. And I’m asking the same question now, after the most recent two-year stint under a radical socialist president named Obama? ARE you?

CONFUSE THE ISSUE! At the Jon Stewart/ Stephen Colbert “Rally for Sanity,” they say, “Obama is not a Keynesian, he’s an American!” which is a stupid statement because Keynes is not a country, he was the progenitor of a failed economic system Obama is STILL using. This bunch of fruitcakes ought to just go home. Every time they open their mouths they show their ignorance.

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