Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Last Time I'll Talk About It"

That’s what Charlie Rangel said about his “censuring” by Congress. He’s “disappointed” that many people “censured” him since he raped no children, killed no people, etc. What he DID was the same things Republicans have been sent to PRISON for doing. Censure is the LEAST POSSIBLE PUNISHMENT possible for a congressman who evaded the very taxes he was IMPOSING on the rest of us. He’s a prime example of the corrupt congressmen who steal taxpayer money. Of COURSE this is “the last time” he’ll talk about it. He hopes it will all go away.

CALVIN THINKS LIKE GOVERNMENT: He’s overcharging for his lemonade, so he has no customers. He can’t figure out why; the obvious escapes him. So he wants to raise the price so he won’t have to sell as much, thinking people will still buy it at an even higher price.. This is how the government operates. If they’re not “Getting any action,” just raise the price so they won’t have to work so hard for the same amount of money. (Calvin & Hobbes)

LET THEM “CATCH UP” Obama and his lackeys are now talking about making a law forcing “big business” to “freeze” their activities long enough to give those who aren’t as successful time to “catch up.” As if they would. If they aren’t good enough to compete in a competitive world, they won’t be good enough to “catch up” in Obama’s world. This is right out of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” They want to ask the same thing of prosperous countries.

KEEP THE INSURANCE WE LIKE: Obama has said many times that if we like the health insurance we have, we can keep it under his health care swindle. What he doesn’t say is that it probably won’t be there. Insurance companies are ALREADY going out of the health care business because they won’t be able to stay in business under his health care swindle.

FAT OR STARVATION? Do we have a fat problem, or do we have a starvation problem? They’re pushing both. Which IS it? You can’t have it both ways, people! They talk about “millions of starving children” on one side, and “millions of overweight children” on the other. Which is it?

TAKING BACK SOME OF THE GOODIES: In Britain, they’re “taking back” some of the goodies they’ve given and they’re rioting over it. That’s how it works under socialism. They give them goodies, and soon people think those goodies are “their due.” Then when they find out they can’t afford the goodies and start taking them back, they riot.

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