Saturday, December 18, 2010

Larry King Quits

Good riddance. He’s known for not ever interrupting a guest, always allowing him to complete his/her thought. Probably because that guest was answering the “soft-ball” question Larry threw him. Larry made a career of asking “soft-balls” of controversial guests, but his questions never even APPROACHED the controversy. We need fewer of this type of commentator. They SAY he started what has BECOME talk radio, though he probably would like what it has become. That’s because he is an idiot, and didn’t start ANYTHING.

IDIOT POLITICIANS: They seem to think the way to defend ourselves is to DISARM ourselves, thus proving to the (armed) bad guys that we mean them no harm. Frankly, I mean the bad guys as much harm as possible. If a bad guy shoots me, I want it to be the last thing he/she does in his/her life. The only way to defend yourself is to ARM yourself and learn how to use the means of that defense.

DISARMING OURSELVES: On that subject, President Obama is in the process of signing a treaty to reduce our nuclear arms arsenal in the face of “rogue states” arming themselves with nuclear weapons. That might have worked back when only the soviet Union had nukes, but it won’t work now because those who have them now don’t sign such treaties, and if they do, it’s only a “dodge” to give themselves more time to perfect their nuclear arsenals.

MICHAEL MOORE BAILS ASSANGE OUT: Anywhere there is something that will hurt the United states, Michael Moore is there to help—those who want to hurt the United States. Like many liberal jerks, he hates this country and wants to hurt it. Assange’s activities are hurting the United states, so Moore is right there with his bail.

REID PULLS HIS “OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL”: Because even HE can see it has NO CHANCE of passing, any time. And he doesn’t want to put it up for a vote he knows he’ll lose. Even though him pulling this stupid bill COUNTS as a loss for him, just before he goes home, no longer as majority leader in the Senate. Yes, he got re-elected. But that’s a testament to the ignorance of his constituency.

“NO LABELS”: This is a new organization started by worthless has-been politicians who are now out of work. These are the people who instigated the policies that got a majority of democrats voted out of office in the 2010 election. They think there can BE politics without “labels.” Labels are a kind of shorthand to tell people how people think and operate. Socialism is a label, and it is very obvious in what it says about the people to whom it is applied. So is “individualist.” This label says that person is NOT a “collectivist.” This whole idea is as stupid as the idea that there can be a free system without dissension. But that’s typical of liberals (that’s a label).

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