Thursday, December 30, 2010

Afghan Corruption

You’re wondering why it took ten years for the Afghan terrorists to “wear down” the Russians? Now it has been revealed that insidious corruption in Iran, running right up to Karzai himself, actually took much of the money WE sent there to help those the war has hurt and used it to fund the Taliban. They stop short of saying Karzai himself is involved, but I think it is instructive to see that at least ONE “money man” who has been charged in the past, has had the charges against him dropped, by Karzai himself, several times.

INCREASING THE DEFICIT: Liberals are saying the Tea Parties’ support for the Bush tax cuts increase the deficit. WRONG! What IS “increasing the deficit” is the “out-of-control spending” by the Democrats. If they would stop that. The deficit would “magically” reduce.

“THEY’RE JUST AS BAD!” Democrats are now using the “they’re just as bad” defense against the Tea Parties. They’re “digging into Tea Party congresspeople” and are finding that some, in the past, HAVE sponsored “pork” bills to the tune of billions of dollars. But these congresspeople have pledged not to do this in the future. Have they? In any case, that doesn’t really matter if the “usual suspects” continue their own “pork barrel” activities. Will they? Probably.

GOVERN BY REGULATION: So Obama “took a shellacking” (by his own description) in the last election. He doesn’t care. He plans to “rule by regulation” in the next two, maybe six years (or longer if he can manage it). He can make all the regulations he wants, unhindered by Congress. Sure, new regs require laws to back them up. But like laws, people have to spend boatloads of money fighting them when he enforces illegal regs before they can be declared illegal. So he can do a lot of “ruling” before that happens. He’s already started it with his new FCC rules taking over the Internet. Yes, it’s just a “little thing.” But it’s just a “start.” It will grow until he completely controls the Internet. That’s how they work.

WHEN OIL IS GONE, WHAT? “Never let a good panic go to waste.” That’s what Obama’s former chief of staff (now running for mayor of Chicago) said. And if one doesn’t exist, MAKE one. One of the ways Obama is creating an oil crisis is maintaining the moratorium on oil drilling anywhere the United States runs things, thus reducing the world oil supply significantly and forcing the cost of oil up and up. There’s no better way to get rid of oil. After that, what? Horse-drawn carriages? Coal-fired furnaces? I remember those. dirty, and polluting. Of course, Obama hates coal producers, too. He has pledged to BANKRUPT the coal companies. When oil AND coal are gone, what? Has anybody in Washington thought these things through? I don't think so.

OBAMA LOVES IT! The Heritage Foundation says we will be paying $5 a gallon for gasoline by the end of 2012. That means Americans (those who are ignorant of history and politics, of course) will be DEMANDING “the government step in” and do . . .what? What can the government do, except to “step OUT?” Most of the problems that have resulted in high oil prices have been CAUSED by government policies; most notably the one that PROHIBITS drilling for oil anywhere America runs things. Consequently we haven’t built a new refinery in more than 30 years; nothing to refine. Obama HATES the oil business and has pledged to destroy it. He’s well on his way to doing it.

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