Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bill Clinton Popular?

C’mawn! Obama has brought in former Democrat President Bill Clinton, hoping that will help him get his “compromise” past Congress. He still thinks Clinton is generally popular in the United States; which just shows how “insular” is his life. He only hears what his “handlers” tell him. They’re even running a “raffle” where you send in $5, hoping for a CHANCE of meeting Clinton, personally. Personally, if I saw Clinton coming toward me, I’d go the other way. I wouldn’t shake his hand if they PAID me to do it.

WHY POOR PEOPLE STAY POOR: It’s a “state of mind.” Our government teaches our CHILDREN that “the world owes them a living,” so some of them don’t bother earning their own living. They exist on the “handouts” given them by our “benevolent” government, which are somehow always just enough to keep them from starving, but never enough for them to do any better. They PAY them not to work, and thus they don’t. Which means they will never progress, nor ever contribute to society.

WHAT IS “POOR,” ANYWAY? Our “poorest of the poor” are RICH to the “poor” in other countries. Our “poor” have cars, many have their own homes, color television sets, and many other things people in some other countries could not even IMAGINE having. Yes, some don’t have one or more of those things, but they all have SOME of those things. I remember a television show about “poor people” where they couldn’t use some videos because you could see the flickering of their color television sets through the tenement windows.

HE’S NOT LIBERAL ENOUGH! Some Democrats now HATE Obama because he agreed to the compromise suggested by Republicans that would stop a BIG tax increase on January 1. They don’t care that he got an extension of the law that pays people not to work. They want MORE. They don’t care that allowing the Bush tax rate cuts to expire would cause a billion dollar tax INCREASE during a recession. They just want it.

WE CAN’T AFFORD IT! That’s what Obama says about extending Bush’s tax cuts again in 2012. Why IS that? Hmmmm? Could it be because he spent more money than there is in the world”? Hmmmm?

A BILLION A DAY: Every day that goes by while Congress is debating Obama’s “compromise” with the Republicans on extending Bush’s tax rate reduction extension and the extension of unemployment payments, the cost goes up a billion dollars. They keep on adding pork to it. Let’s hope if they pass it they do so before its cost goes to a couple of TRILLION dollars.

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