Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

That is just about as stupid a law as there ever has been. It says that if you’re gay and don’t tell anybody about it, you can stay in the military. Frankly, if I were gay and in the military, I CERTAINLY wouldn’t tell anyone to keep from getting the hell beat out of me. I wouldn’t need a LAW to tell me that. If they think getting rid of this law is going to cause gays to “come out” en masse, think again.

HATING THE RICH: It amazes me the contradiction inherent in liberals “bad-mouthing” the rich when most of them are rich, themselves, by their own definition. They say anybody making over $250,000 a year are “rich,” and to be hated and reviled because of it. They forget that most of THEM make more than $250,000 a year and many of them are “filthy rich.” Nancy Peelosi is a good example. They just hate those who EARN their riches honestly, instead of inheriting them or stealing their riches like they do.

A “CLEAR PLAN”: A Fox News interviewer asked Cal Thomas if Obama OR the Republicans had a “clear plan.” The answer is, YES. Both have a “clear plan” for the future. Only problem is, nobody WANTS Obama’s “clear plan,” that involves making this country into a socialist nation.

UN WANTS TO TAKE OVER INTERNET: The United Nations has no authority to do anything of the sort! I don’t care what excuse they come up with to justify it, they do not. If they do ANYTHING to limit my access to the Internet OR what I can say there, they will be ignored. I dare them to do anything about it.

GOVERNMENT STEALING: They just passed it into law. When you die, if you have more than a certain amount, the government is the biggest beneficiary in your will. They’re not in there, you say? But they are. They’re in for 35% of whatever you have when you die, even after you have paid taxes on the same money time after time. This is outright THEFT, no matter how they justify it by vilifying “the rich.”

MORE GOVERNMENT THEFT: Inflation. Whenever The Fed prints more money with NOTHING valuable behind it, they’re STEALING your money. They’re the first to say so when they find anybody BUT the government doing it. They call it “counterfeiting” and tell you all about how counterfeiting reduces the value of every dollar in existence by DILUTING it. But suggest the same thing happens when THEY print money with nothing behind it, and they ridicule you. I don’t see why people can’t understand this simple thing and revolt.

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