Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Tax Breaks for the Rich"

I get really tired of hearing this LIE. Bush’s “tax breaks” were NOT only for the rich. They were for EVERYBODY. What he did was lower the RATE at which their money is taxed. That covers ALL taxpayers. “Trust fund babies” get NO tax cut because they pay a different, lower tax structure when what they make is “capital gains, not salary.

WHICH WAY? The other day I saw a car with a sticker supporting “freedom of speech” right beside one pulling for “Ending Fox News.” Which way does this driver want it? Freedom of speech only if SHE agrees with it? This typifies the thinking of some liberals. MOST liberals, actually. Like the signers of a petition to outlaw WATER because they gave it “scientific-sounding name” and said it was an important ingredient in “acid rain.” It’s in simple RAIN, too, and your body NEEDS it to survive. How STUPID are these people?

GET OUT OF THE WAY! Politicians are asking themselves if raising taxes will help end the recession. It will not. It will only make it worse. But they are too incompetent to understand that, and they are running our lives! The way they can help is to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY and let the free market solve the problem! The free market (when it was allowed to operate) created an economy and a country that was the envy of the world and the destination of choice for those who wanted to better themselves. Why kill it?

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? This “WikiLeaks” thing is so obviously a “red herring” to keep us occupied so we won’t notice something else, maybe we ought to start searching for that “something else.” Maybe it’s the fact that the major center of Obama’s health care has been declared unconstitutional?

THERE ARE NO TAX CUTS! They keep calling it “tax cuts.” Even Fox has fallen for this scam. There are NO “Tax cuts” on the table right now. Only “no tax increases.” The legislation they’re fighting over right now is the one to STOP the Bush tax rate reductions from expiring, causing a massive tax INCREASE. They CALL this a “tax cut.” It is NOT. How stupid do they think we are?

WHY NOT EXTEND BUSH’S TAX RATE CUTS? To cause such a massive tax increase during a recession is STUPID. But then, Democrats are stupid. They think ALL the money is THEIRS. And to let anybody KEEP any of what they earned is something they have to “pay for. It is NOT. The money people earn is THEIRS. Not the government’s. To let them keep it is NOT “an expenditure” on the part of the government.

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