Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Term Limits

The last time the Republicans were in power they put term limits on all powerful committee chairmanships. When the Democrats took over total control, they quickly dispensed with that. Now the Republicans are coming back into power and are talking about “exceptions” to the long terms of powerful committee chairmen(people). It’s “business as usual” in Washington, folks, with the Republicans folding already. There should be “term limits” on every elected OR appointed office in the government, to keep people from building their own little fiefdoms. Will it ever happen?” Don’t hold your breath.

NO TAX INCREASE JAN. 1: Obama announces it like it was an “accomplishment” on his part. He made a deal with Republicans to keep Bush’s tax rate reductions in place until the end of 2012. Only a Democrat would call NOT raising taxes an “accomplishment.” Of course he extracted a high cost. The same measure puts us billions of dollars further in debt to pay the unemployed not to work for a longer period. Studies show that the unemployed suddenly become employed within six months of their unemployment running out.

EVEN LIBS MAD AT OBAMA: But not for the same reasons as are Republicans and other “right-wingers.” They’re mad because he isn’t liberal ENOUGH. He actually let the Republicans talk him into NOT raising taxes by BILLIONS of dollars, right after Christmas, and right in the middle of a recession HE started.

CAVITY SEARCHES COMING: I can see it now: every airline passenger must subject themselves soon to a “cavity search” in order to be allowed on an airplane after a terrorist got on a plane with a bomb shoved in his anus. Barney Frank would LOVE that. He already gets back in the “feeling you up” line several times whenever he flies.

REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH shows a tendency toward THIEVERY, plus an economic INCOMPETENCE. Whenever a politician talks about “redistributing wealth,” he means YOUR wealth. Run away as fast as you can! Why anybody, except those who want to live at the expense of others, would BUY that bullsh-t, I don’t know.

THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING: The Democrats have only a few weeks left to spend our money. They went home for Thanksgiving WITHOUT approving a budget so they wouldn’t be “on record” raising taxes before the election. Now, instead of passing another “band-aid” measure to keep the government going, they introduced a 1,900 page (1,900 page!) “Omnibus Spending Bill” FOUR DAYS before the government runs out of money, GUARANTEEING nobody will be able to read it in that time.

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