Thursday, December 23, 2010

Government: Get Out of the Way!

Politicians are always asking how to fix all the problems they face. But they always come up with the wrong answers—answers that take away more of our rights and more of our money. But they never even CONSIDER the simplest answer of all: just GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the free market work. The free market created a country with an economy that was the envy of the world and made the United States the destination of choice for people who wanted to better themselves. But our politicians are fast destroying that.

“SHORTFALL” EQUALS INCOMPETENCE: You’re constantly hearing politicians bemoaning a “shortfall” in incoming funds so you will not oppose higher taxes. But to me, when they tell me about their “shortfalls,” that means they’re incompetent.

DISARMING OURSELVES FOR SELF DEFENSE: The “START Treaty has passed the Senate, chiseling in stone the idea that the way to defend ourselves is to throw away our weapons, hoping we can convince our enemies we “mean them no harm,” so MAYBE they will not DO us any harm. It’s the same reasoning (reasoning?) they use when they make “gun control” laws to DISARM honest people so the crooks, who are ALL illegally armed, can victimize them. It doesn’t work, but don’t try and tell our politicians that.

HOW ABOUT OVERPAID MOVIE STARS? Ben Affleck goes on NPR (where else?) to complain about overpaid CEOs. How about overpaid actors, or sports stars? Most CEOs got where they are by making or saving a LOT of money for their companies. They are in NO WAY overpaid, as a rule.

“THE SYSTEM WORKED”: That’s what Janet Incompetano said when the incompetent “underwear bomber” couldn’t properly light the fuse to the bomb in his underpants, causing other passengers to beat the hell out of him. WHAT “system?” The system that depends on average Americans to seek out possible terrorists and beat the hell out of them? Now they “feel you up” or force you to let them look at pornographic pictures of you to see if you have anything besides your genitalia in your underpants.

ANOTHER TALIBAN SCAM: A 17-year-old Afghan kid wants to sue the United states for killing members of his family and permanently injuring him during a radio-controlled air strike on a Taliban stronghold. I believe this is nothing more than yet another Taliban scam to swindle money pout of the United States to help fund their “Holy War” against ALL those who don’t believe exactly the same way they do. We should look closely at this kid to see if he has ANY connection with the Taliban.

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