Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stop Spending Our Damned Money!

Obama talks about getting together with the new Congress to reduce the national debt. Just as if HE didn’t spend more money than ALL the presidents down through the history of the United States in his first two years in office. Who does he think he’s fooling? Even the most ignorant American knows this, even if he hasn’t been paying attention.

FCC TAKING OVER INTERNET: The court told them they couldn’t do it. That they didn’t have that kind of authority. So they did it anyway by just making a regulation. If they are allowed to make it stick (and they have the guns to do it), it “opens the door” to other bureaucracies to do unconstitutional things, simply by making a regulation. Then we will be under a dictatorship. Not of one man, but of the bureaucracy. The people who did it should be removed from office and put in prison!

OBAMA PUNISHES SQUEALER: A pilot “squealed” on the TSA when they screwed up. Now that pilot is “under investigation” and his home has even been searched after he put his “squealings” on the Internet on YouTube. If the government keeps on punishing squealers, NOBODY will ever squeal and somebody will get blown to hell. It’s only a matter of time. Hear that, Obama?

“BROTHERLY LUST”: For many years the propaganda taught to soldiers in the military was about “brotherly love.” No, not THAT kind, Now, after they repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” it WILL be all about “brotherly love;” Yes, THAT kind. They will have to “re-educate” (propagandize, condition) the troops not to “look down” on men who love men. Never mind they have to fight beside them in fox holes and HOPE they don’t “come on” to them. Being distracted like that can get you killed. Of course, they didn’t think of that when they started allowing women to be in foxholes. Now the problem is multiplied. But what makes them think gays have less self control than anybody else?

CLOSING GUANTANAMO: What the hell’s the purpose in shutting down Guantanamo? If we shut it down, we just have to find another place to keep the “non” prisoners of war we keep there until the war is over. Soon the idiot liberals will be clamoring to shut THAT place down. Did ANYBODY even SUGGEST we let the German and Japanese prisoners of war go while the war was still going on? The only reason these are NOT prisoners of war is because they are simply “enemy combatants” representing no country. To let them go is to swell the ranks of the terrorists so they can kill more of us.

LIBERAL GUILT: Most liberals are so guilty about being “filthy rich” they want OTHERS to pay more taxes on the money they make. The fact that most liberals (who denigrate people who EARN a lot of money) are themselves rich is well known, but not talked about much. Nancy Peelosi, for instance, is one of the richest women in the country, maybe the world. Yet she is one of the loudest voices for “taxing the rich.” The rich other than her, anyway.

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