Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Court: "You Can't Do It!"

So they did it anyway. This is the way bureaucracies work. The courts told the FCC they had no authority to regulate the Internet in any way—so they regulated the Internet by FIAT. Not a law, a REGULATION not backed up by ANY kind of law. There is no LAW saying they can do it, but they do it anyway. They have the guns to back it up until the courts stop them after somebody spends a LOT of money in court. They just do it anyway, even if the law forbids it.

OUR CELEBS ILLUSTRATE OUR INTELLIGENCE: Lady Gaga is the kind of celebrities we nurture these days, and that says a lot about US. She bites off the head of a toy Santa, and a rapper does the same to a live animal. The rappers many of us idolize, too. They do dope, screw around with each other talk about how they’d like to kill some of our best politicians while telling us how good socialism is for us, and some even kill each other. And we “eat it up.” This tells me a LOT about the American people today.

“FEELING EXCLUDED”: Some people say having a Christmas tree at a workplace makes some people “feel excluded.” Too bad. In this country, one of the major holidays is Christmas. Get used to it! You’re not going to come here and force us to change our ways just because it “offends” you. If you don’t like it, get the hell out, or get used to it. I don’t feel “excluded” by a Menorah or the sign of ANY other religion, and others ought not to be by evidence of Christianity.

“FOISTED ON THEM”: Anti-religionists decry the practice of “forcing religion” on us by having Christmas all around us. I have the same problem with football; and baseball; and basketball; hockey, and especially soccer. I’m ‘’ surrounded, all the time, by evidence of the obsession (religion?) associated with those sports, and I feel “excluded” by seeing Broncos logos everywhere I look (as if I wanted to be included). But I don’t gripe because I feel like everybody is entitled to their own obsessions. People tell me how boring auto racing (my sport) is, and they’re entitled to their own opinion. Just don’t try and force it on me. I don’t try to force it on them.

GUN CONTROL: Gun control has been responsible for the deaths of 56 MILLION people who were murdered by various GOVERNMENTS who could not be defended against because of “gun control.” 56 MILLION PEOPLE! What is there about “the right to carry a gun for self defense shall not be infringed” do today’s politicians not understand? They say “reasonable restrictions” are permissible, but their “reasonable restrictions” make it impossible to USE the gun for self defense.

UNDER-REGULATION? A Canadian caller to the Rush Limbaugh show claimed that Canada had a much better health care system than did America. He had no logical answer to the many examples otherwise given by guest host Marl Steyn, especially the ones about those (including doctors and politicians) who come across the border to take advantage of our “lesser” medical system. He says he would have been bankrupt a long time ago if he had lived in the US. He didn’t care about Americans being bankrupt by spending more money than there IS on their “imitation” health care plan, otherwise known as “Obama’s Health Care Swindle.”

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