Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking Over the Internet

The FCC is ready to take over the Internet WITHOUT a vote of Congress soon. All it will take is the agreement of a majority of the bureaucrats on the FCC Board. It will probably be instituted the next day, and ALL of us will suffer. They’re going to do it by FIAT. By a simple vote of the FCC Commissioners. They think they have that kind of authority. Well, I’m here to tell them they DON’T have that kind of authority, even though they have the guns behind them to enforce their lawlessness.

HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THEIR NAMES! Obama thanked “Mike McConnell” the other day. Only problem is, that’s not his name. His name is MITCH McConnell. If Obama can’t even remember the NAME of the minority leader,” how can he deal with the important things a president must deal with every day? And Democrats criticize Sarah Palin when she makes a slip of the tongue? Do you think this one will make the news in the liberal media? I don’t THINK so!

OPPOSING OBAMA STILL RACIST: At least, that’s what the Democrats (liberals) say. ANY opposition to Obama’s policies are racist, according to them. Funny: I thought electing Obama was going to end forever the racism in this country. But it apparently didn’t, according to Democrats. Well, I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, and I judge Obama as a JERK, individually. And I would judge him the same way if he was white, black, or PURPLE. It is his POLICIES I hate, not him, although I have no use for him. Not because he’s half black, because he’s ALL stupid.

“A POLITICAL STUNT” TO READ THE BILL: Senator DeMint is insisting they READ a bill in Congress before it can be passed. Other politicians call that “a political stunt.” It is NOT. Any member of Congress who votes to pass ANY bill he/she hasn’t read is in “dereliction of duty,” no matter how much they scoff at the whole idea. That member of Congress ought to be REMOVED for cause.

WASH POST REFUSES TO REPORT NEWS: Some time ago the Washington Post did a survey. Among the findings of this survey was that 69% of Americans were AGAINST the health care swindle law and would like to see it repealed. But they said nothing about this. The same numbers were true in 1994, and they didn’t report that, either. It has been the same ever since, and it is getting worse (from their viewpoint).

A LITTLE BACKWARDS, ISN’T IT? The “tax bill” Obama got passed in the Senate is in the wrong place. According to the Constitution, ALL spending bills MUST be FIRST passed in the House. THEN is can go to the Senate. I know Obama and his cronies don’t care a whit about the Constitution, but this is a BLATANT violation.

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