Saturday, December 4, 2010

"GOP Against Anything Good for This Country"

That’s what Democrats say. Then they have the temerity to use the extension of the unemployment benefits to “take the pressure off” politicians who have no idea how to improve the economic picture because they say they are “good for this country.”. What a BIG LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! But that’s our Democrats. That does NOT increase the amount of money in this country ONE iota. It merely gives away more of our tax money, picking our pockets—again.

EXCESSIVE PUNISHMENT: Charlie Rangel wants his constituents (you know, the people stupid enough to return this criminal to Congress time after time) to “shut down the White House switchboard with phone calls objecting to the vote on his censure. He says it’s “excessive punishment.” I say it’s MINIMAL punishment in a world where they want to send a Republican to PRISON for ten years for less.

INCENTIVE NOT TO WORK: Some people on unemployment are being paid $400 a week NOT to work. What incentive is that to get a job that might not pay as much as that? And they want to INCREASE the amount of time we (our taxes) pay these people not to work. Some, even when they DO find a job, ask to be paid “under the table” so they can keep getting that $400 a week

“IT’S NOT A TON OF MONEY”: Politicians speak about $50 billion dollars as “not a ton of money.” Maybe we need to get some people in there who DO think of $50 billion dollars as “a ton of money.” Maybe they’d be more serious about reducing the “drunken sailor spending” in Congress (Yeah, I know; drunken sailors spend their OWN money, while Congress spends YOURS.)

“TIGHTEN YOUR BELTS: Obama says we have to “tighten our belts” because of the high public debt HE incurred. Why do WE have to “tighten our belts? Why not Obama and his “knee-jerk” Congress? They spent the money, now he’s demanding WE pay it back. Forget it, Obama! I’m not paying a cent to pay back the debt YOU incurred!

SENATE VIOLATES CONGRESS RULES: It’s a simple thing. “All tax bills must originate in the House.” Even somebody who slept through “Economics 101” knows that. It’s basic. Anybody with ANY intelligence knows it. But the Senators apparently don’t, since they passed with great fanfare, the “Food Safety Bill” with what they CALL “fees” included as “revenue sources.” Those “fees” are TAXES. So DEMOCRATS are going to block this bill.

TRYING TO MAKE IT BETTER: He makes it worse. New Orleans is already in a lot of economic trouble. They have the largest unemployment anywhere because of the hurricane, followed by the oil spill. So Obama is going to ban ALL oil drilling in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico; an action that will make the unemployment picture there much WORSE. But nobody can tell him that. If they do, he just calls them “stupid: and goes right on with his stupid actions.

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