Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Time WE Won!

A Republican leader, shortly after Obama was elected, went into a meeting with “King” Obama. During that meeting, he offered several suggestions, which were summarily rebuffed, with the words, “We won.” Well, Obama, this time, WE won. So you’d better start changing your ways, or you’re going to lose again.

COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM: People talk about politics being a fight between liberalism and conservatism. That’s wrong. It is simply between collectivism and individualism; between the government taking from you your earnings to give to those who DON’T earn, and the government leaving you alone to do for yourself. The first settlers in this country tried socialism (collectivism) and it almost wiped out the colony until they switched to capitalism (individualism), which caused the colony to prosper. ‘Nuff said.

CAIR IS HAMAS: A recent federal court released a report proving that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is part of HAMAS, a known Islamic terrorist group who have been responsible for AT LEAST 17 American deaths and 100 injuries to Americans. How ANY intelligent American can say HAMAS is not a terrorist group is a wonder to me. As such, we should ignore ANY protestations from them about our “treatment” of Islamics in the U. S.

WHO IS PRESIDENT IS IMPORTANT: Nixon was supposed to be a conservative. But “big government” EXPLODED under him. He created OSHA and many other federal bureaucracies that will not die. He created “Detente,” which fooled a lot of people into thinking they could relax, that we COULD “negotiate” with the Soviets, and actually caused communism to GROW during his term of office. There’s no telling what HORRORS will be born under Obama.

“SUPPLY SIDE ECONOMICS” DOESN’T WORK: The liberals call it “trickle-down economics.” That term was a term of derision, coming from liberals. They scoffed at (and still scoff at) the whole idea that “the rich” actually CREATE jobs as they go about investing their money in various projects that DO create jobs AND profits, both of which create taxable income. But it DID work, no matter how much they deny it today.

N. KOREA’S EXTORTION: Whenever they run out of money to keep the wine and caviar coming to Kim and his friends, they attack South Korea and hold up the rest of the countries affected for money to get them to stop. They usually do it when what they figure is a weak American president is in office, to “test his mettle.” With the possible exception of Reagan, it has worked well for them. Knowing Obama, it will work again.

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