Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Reaganomics Worked!

Liberals tell you “Reaganomics” didn’t work. That was a derisive name they gave to Reagan’s idea to LOWER the base tax rate to 28%. They also called it “Trickle-Down Economics.” But it DID work. Reagan came into office during the (then) biggest recession that ever happened outside of the “great depression” that happened during a Democrat (liberal) administration. His ideas quickly lowered the inflation rate to 4%, while other “indicators” quickly followed. Liberals STILL insist that ”Reaganomics” doesn’t work, in spite of the FACTS, which prove them wrong. But they don’t care about that. They just keep repeating the lie until you believe it.

REAGAN INCREASED THE DEFICIT: You might say that, since he was in office when it happened. But actually it was CONGRESS that did it. They managed to spend $1.50 for every $1.00 Reagan’s tax rate cuts created, and did it in such a way Reagan had NO CHOICE except to sign the bills that contained the rises in spending by attaching them to bills that HAD TO pass.

APPLYING A BAND-AID: Obama wants to “apply a bandaid” instead of actually DOING something about unemployment. He paints the Republicans as the “bad guys” because they continually try and block it. But they’re right. He needs to do something about the “root causes” of unemployment instead of just “treating the symptoms.

A NEW KIND OF WAR: When terrorists attacked us during the Reagan administration, it signaled the beginning of a NEW kind of warfare. Where soldiers don’t wear uniforms and attack us where we least expect it. It’s a little like the American “Revolutionary War” where backwoodsmen fired from the woods and “melted into the countryside” while the British lined up with their muskets and came marching to a drumbeat while we “mowed them down” like so much wheat. We need to adjust to this new kind of warfare before it overwhelms us as we did the British.

HAVE LIBERAL IDEAS EVER WORKED? Never. And they have been trying them for as long as I remember. The “New Frontier”: the “New Deal” and “The War Against Poverty” and others, too numerous to mention. None have worked, but every time a liberal gets in power he has a new one, with a new name. Someone once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” But that’s what liberals do. Are they insane?

ONE SUBJECT BILLS: One of the biggest problems in Washington is the practice of “attaching” measures not connected to the subject of a pending bill in “the dark of night.” Bills that have not been debated, and which nobody knew was there. There was also the practice of adding such things to bills AFTER they passed, but BEFORE they were printed, which no one noticed because nobody ever READ them. This practice needs to be CRIMINALIZED and a system put into place to stop the practice. Congresspeople actually READING the bills they sign into law would be a start.

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