Friday, December 31, 2010

Global Warming? What Global Warming?

Last week the EPA announced it is making more and more regulations in an effort to “curb global warming.” WHAT global warming?” Global warming has been proven to be a hoax, over and over. But bureaucrats continue to use it as an excuse to make more and more “regulations” to carry out Obama’s goal to “rule by regulation” after the Republicans take over the House.

MORE REGULATIONS: In line with Obama’s goal to “rule by regulation,” this: “Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced that the Bureau of Land Management would issue new rules making it harder to develop natural resources on government-owned land. These measures will not only drive up the cost of electricity and gasoline but will also make us more dependent on foreign sources of energy.” IS Obama “ruling by regulation? Watch.

“WARMEST KWANZAA REGARDS”: Obama has sent out his “warmest regards” for a phony made-up, racist holiday, created by a convicted felon, only for black people. Why would he do that? Has he sent out “warmest regards” to Christians, for Christmas? No. His government does everything it can to STIFLE people who celebrate Christmas. How about Hanukkah? NO. He only sends his “warmest regards” to a religion CREATED by blacks, FOR blacks. Sure, electing Obama has destroyed racism forever in this country . . .yeah.

BIG GOVERNMENT: The bigger government gets, the further it gets from YOU. The harder it is to get anything good done, although they do many NOT-so-good things easily. The bigger government gets, the harder it is to get ANYTHING done. In New York City, they can’t even get the streets cleared while people DIE because ambulances can’t get to them. One baby died because an ambulance couldn’t get to them for NINE hours! Bloomberg pretends to regulate the number of calories in a COOKIE but can’t accomplish his core responsibilities. It was a similar inability to clear the streets of snow that got rid of a mayoral dynasty in Denver.

“A NATION OF WUSSIES”: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) says we are “a nation of wussies” because the NFL canceled a football game because of snow. But Ed and his Democrat Party support many programs that MAKE this a “nation of wussies.” How twisted can his thinking be?

SMALL PROFIT: A caller to the Glenn Beck show whined about oil company profits in the billions of dollars without them having to pay any taxes. The truth is, they pay 47% of their “profits” in taxes, and their “profits” are only a very small percentage of the money they take in. this in opposition to the 47% per dollar the government gets. It amounts to about 7 cents per dollar they take in. That’s comparable to the 18 cents per dollar banks get to keep (before taxes) and the 19-1/2 cents per dollar pharmaceutical companies get to keep (again, before taxes). It is a liberal LIE that they don’t pay any taxes.

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